Eighteen, Female, Wants To Be A Teacher, Voting For Romney

This is the first election I can vote in. I've seen where our country was and is now and I'm not too happy about it.

I have been raised conservatively. Both my parents are conservatives. So honestly, it shouldn't be a surprise that I am conservative. I have developed my own opinions though. I was part of our performing arts department in my high school and being such, many kids there were raised liberally. I've seen and understand both sides. Truth is, I think the liberal kids really don't understand the real world. I've been working since I was sixteen and before that would have summer long babysitting gigs and have had to fend for myself when it comes to money a lot. I understand how taxes work and budgeting and all that jazz. I get it. I'm going to be nineteen on election day, I really feel like I have an understanding. I've done my research and everything I need to.

What I've seen is this: Obama really doesn't care about my generation. He doesn't seem to see that there are people like me who are planning on receiving masters and doctorates who are worried there isn't going to be a job for them come graduation. It's really scary. I know I have about 6 years before I will be done with my college education, but I want to see us turned around. I want to be able to teach in schools and do what I have a burning desire to do. I want to educate the children of the United States. Under Obama's policies, this dream is a waste of time. Teacher's Unions have too much power over schools. Schools need to be about the students. And this is my main reasoning behind my choice to be conservative.

I don't want to have to do something besides teach when I graduate. I want to help kids. I feel like Romney really understands the economy and this dream is a possibility if he is elected. That is why I am voting for him. Romney gets it.
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I am also voting for Romney. I disagree with a few of your points but it does not really matter. My reasons are different. I wonder why people have assumed that he has the black vote in his pocket he does not. I do think that he has done a lot but I think that he is too soft on the lazy Americans and on continuing this war. I do not think that Romney will make a good president but he will bring the deficit down. The only thing that scares me about Romney winning is his running mate announcing the he is for fracking. I believe it will cause too much damage to the planet. That is the only thing that I hope he would reconsider. Everything else is ok. I would like to see gay marriage rights passed but it has not so far so I can wait for people to realize equal is equal. I hope Romney wins and I hope all those against Obama can wheather the storm. The goverment does not pay any of my bills so I am not worried about upcoming cuts and those seniors spend a lot of money on bingo and casinos I have seen it. I have a big feeling its from the SSI check. I think its time to cut wastefull spending and focus on education.