Can't Believe I Am Actually Doing This!!!!

So what exactly is the Black Bronco challenge? It is my challenge to the cowgirls of EP: the novices, the amateurs and the professionals who would aspire to actually attempt to stay on this wild, black stallion for 8 seconds and ride him from the corrall into the bedroom for an orgasmic finish. Naturally, only single riders will really be considered for this effort. Vocality is a must along with a seriously gifted mouth and saddle. I have to date - never climaxed in both cowgirl positions. Or in any other positions I believe aside from doggystyle or missionary - so who thinks that they can take this bucking black bronco?


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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

ooohhh.. those fighting words mosaic?? ;P

hahahahaha Bring it on!

Good thing for you, I'm already taken by ******* KNIOW I would rock your world!!!! LOLOL!!!! Good luck getting contestants!!!!!!!!!!!