I always buy local produce when I buy it.  One of the good things about reconciling with my family is that I will get to have a nice garden this year so I will be growing my own.  Produce is fresher and generally less expensive when I buy it from the farmer's market from my local growers so it costs me nothing to do this.

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Hehe Are you saying I am not grown up?

I love the harvest the best.

The spiders isn't the half of the bugs that are out there in a garden, there is so many I don't know half of them.<br />
<br />
FG I think you would like my garden, I grow almost anything under the sun.

I am terrified of spiders.

I do not like the feeling of dirt and or being dirty... I also do not like the spiders...

I enjoy being out in the garden with my veggies and flowers but I do not like the mud. I wear gloves of course lol.

Farming can be a major pain sometimes but i found out i like it a lot better then washing dishes...

MMMM strawberries. I think it was you that I was talking to on the phone as I was slicing strawberries and telling you of going to pick them with my father and coming home with less than I ate in the field lol. MMMM I love strawberries.<br />
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Of course I am cool Biker.

how cool

how cool

I actually am wearing my overalls because I took my grams to the farm today to pet the new baby calves.

put ur overalls and boots on, then

Okay I will be waiting. i just love antique tractors.

i'll *** pick u up on my tractor.

Awww thanks sweetie.

Definitely Pickle! It is so yummy.<br />
<br />
Sure Outlaw.

wanna finger my cucumbers?