**army Girlfriend, New To This Lifestyle** Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, well me and my soldier have been together for almost 2yrs n march 2011, he have been in the military since march 2010. It so difficult on me esp right now bc I jus lost my gma and altho his fam n my fam n friends been supportin me, nothing is like that touch from ur man to make u feel betta. Im currently in graduate school, 2more years, and hes respectfully waitin on me to finish so he can marry me. I love him with all my hard..Right now, hes station in shepphard afb (hes n the army) for reclass bc he didnt get seciurity cleared for whatever reason (confusion, help me with that to ??)) but he says the military keeps him buzy while hes gettin reclass, He will only be there for 7wks but now xmas is sat, and he was suppose to come home yestrday for xmas n new years but i hvnt heard from em at all, or usually he will post something on FB, but he havent did neither!! Im gettin wrried bc I havent heard nuthin from him, PLEASE HELP?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The level of security clearance depends on your military skill or MOS. Various jobs require a greater degree of security depending the sensitivity of the documents you are handling. Just having a clearance code doesn't entitle you to look at anything you want. Everything is on a need to know basis. The time required for the FBI to complete there investigation varies. One is usually cut loose a couple of days before the holidays. I don't know how helpful this is. Thank him for his service for me.

LTC (ret), MSC, USA

i'm 17 and my boyfriend just left monday and i really dont know how to handle it could you give me some sort of advice on how to deal?

The best advice is to keep yourself busy!! Hang with family or friends and do things u like to help keep yourself occupied..if u get down, write your thoughts down and wait to hear from him!

i took extra hours at my job and i've been spending a lot of time with his mom and my friends. i'm handling better then i thought i would but sometimes i get to thinking and it starts an ach in my chest. i'm militaary too so we'll be doing this our whole life and they sayit gets easier but i dont see how being away from him all the time is going to make things easier. but i love him and he loves me and it doesnt matter how far apart we are we always have each other in our hearts and that enough to keep me going through everything.

yeah,,well u doing the right thing...and as long as u know u guys love eachother..love conquers all and everything will be ok..it always hard the first couple weeks but its going to get easier toward the 3 or 4 week..hit me up if u need me anymore..

haha..u dont no me..get off my wall!

yea i endup gettin intouch with him ! he called me when he got home !! and shephard wasnt, thats where he got reclassed...........fort gordon is where his original mos. was !

....no ! we havent been having prob, he usual cant dont have service in his room, BUT still remains, he were suppose to come home for the holidays

You might try seeing if the Red Cross can find him. I know they have done that for spouses. Whether or not they do it for unmarried significant others, I don't know. Also, you might try calling Sheppard AFB ba<x>se Security. They might know if something has happened with him/why he can't call. (Had you been having problems with each other at all?)