Emails And He Loves Someone Ele

I been having a issue with my bf .In sep he was home after 2 year and everything was fine .Now things are going back down hill again.I am getting to the point where I am tired of those ups and downs but I know its part of the reationship but him being in the military dont make things better.When he was home he was going to ask me to marry him he did not cuz not being state side.Since he went back to his station he only has 4 months left soon then he comes home and he state side.2 weeks ago he told me he still wants to marry me and we need to start saving up for the wedding .He been trying to spice up the reationship and tell me to try to have sex with one of his friends and want to watch .I keep going back in forth yes then no .He said to add this girl and at first said no but then I did add her.She was telling me how she hope me and his reationship are ok and that she hope we can work throw what we are going throw .I talk to my bf and I was like I hope you dont mind me talking to her and he like oh this is acawad becuase I love you both .I did ask him about it and he like remeber I told you I love her to .I message him another email about how if he dont want me to talk to her I wont and dont understand how he can love her and me .I did talk about how I miss him and how I feel like we barly talk anymore.He wrote to me on how the uncertainty of everything is draining on him .What did he mean by this ?When I wrote to him about how I felt about him loving tow girls at once and if he dont want me to talk to her is the email the same thing as talking like communcication or is it this uncertainy I dont understand what he saying ?He told me that she dont want him to break up with me for her.But I dont know if she loves him or not becuase my bf the one who said I dident think I would get those feelings for her.He talk about how its not fair that im 50 50 with her he not sure who he loves more.He talk about how he hopes she can let me and him be togeather.What dose she have to do with this ?He told me she has feelings for him but dont want him to break up with me.He told me its hard to keep the spark becuase being far.My letters dont get there anymore and it keept the reationship alive .But he gose on about how he going to try to break it off with her but then he say dump him.I dont understand any of this.As soon as I tell him I will talk to him in a week he like me and her are not togeather.Please help me there so much back in forth and stuff.Do you think this is all my bf issue ?
kellner27 kellner27
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012