Our First Deployment


As most of you have probably already been through. my Bf and i are preparing for his first deployment. He worries alot about me. n i reassure him that im going to be just fine. How do i make sure he dosnt worry to much about me and keeps his head where its supposed to be so he can come home to me?

He leaves May 20th For afganistan for 12 months.

ashleysvr ashleysvr
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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I know how you feel. My Soldier left May 1st for our 2nd deployment... He is supposed to be back August 2010 ! It hurts and it sucks, but you will get through this I promise.. We can get through it together.. I am always here for you and anyone else that needs someone to talk too... :)

That's why I appreciate SolidersSweetheart! What fantastic advice...I will take that straight to heart & heed your advice myself. :) Take care girls. By the way, how are you doing Ashley? Its been just over a month since he left. Take care & I hope to hear from you...Lora