My Super Hero Wears Combat Boots and Dog Tags

  Hello my name is Stacey I am in las vegas. My boyfriend is at fort Leonard Wood Basic right now. We met in high school I was always the over achiever. My Sophomore year I was a student aide in his Freshmen AP Biology class. I was a cheerleader the whole bit he was a super punk rocker. We didn't get along to put it in a nice way. one day he turned to me and said stacey.I was so mean to him and I was like what do you want? and he looked at me so confused and said you know one day i'm going to merry you. I kinda laughed it off and thought he was crazy. Went on with life and we started talking my senior year and we lost touch. When he graduated he got in contact with me we were talking for awhile than he move in with his dad and we lost touch.I said if it's meant to be he'll be back and a third times a charm. about a month before he left for basic he was having a party and he insisted I be there. So I came and we started talking until two in the morning and that night he hugged me and I hugged him and he whispered I never want to let you go. We spent everyday together before he left and since he's been gone we've been writing he calls me every Sunday. Its Great I never want to let me go either and thats a common theme in our letters its like our little saying.He finally asked me this month officially to be his girlfriend and things are moving pretty fast between us. SO who's to say what's next.I'm just the happiest i've been in a long time with him and I remember how he used to make me feel my senior year.

queentoasoldier queentoasoldier
18-21, F
Jul 20, 2009