There are resources for those who feel that they are in a crisis situation.

This link will give you resources for crisis phone numbers and web addresses to various groups that can assist you with questions regarding abuse and emotional problems and crisis situations. EP Link

You can talk with someone at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1-800-273-8255

Your life is yours to live.  Live it by living. 

You never know how much you mean to others or how much you will mean to someone in the future. 

Choose to live your life.
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Human life is precious so all of us should try our best to preserve it. Suicides must be stopped.

why preserving life against others will??? life should be voluntary

Prevention is the visionary tool !

I love that you said "Your life is yours to live. Live it by living." That is true.

The holidays really can suck for a lot of people and it is good to know that they can talk to someone. Suicide isn't an option. It really is darkest before the dawn. People need to hang on long enough to see the dawn.

it is very important that people know that they can talk to someone. The holidays can bring a lot of stress and life has been hard for a lot of people for quite a while. It is understandable with so many people unemployed, underemployed and unhappy in their work that depression would rise. Holiday stress, family, health and work demands can attribute to someone feeling helpless to the point of considering suicide. As a doctor, I care for my patients and want the best for them. For those that are not my patients, I want them to know there are resources for them so that they don't battle alone.