I Want Ows To Officially Disavow Violence And Vandalism

I was sickened by what happened in Oakland. It was outside agitators, who scuffled with OWS protesters who tried to stop them, but that doesn't matter if OWS doesn't take a strong stance on this, not just individuals denouncing the violence, but make it an official part of their platform to be clear about this behavior being unacceptable and outside of OWS.  I will reverse my support of OWS if they don't handle this firmly and decisively. 
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There is so much energy there. But when it isn't directed, it can go haywire pretty quickly. I hope it goes indoors into getting an organized platform and trying to affect real change, too, Annie. Like "I'm against corporate greed running our country and I vote." 'I don't think corporations are people and I vote." You get the idea.

everyone votes...if you think about it, every time you make a purchase you vote. Every choice you make is a vote. It's not just about the polls...in fact, the politicians aren't going to do anything that is not in the interest of the people who get them in office...notice i didnt say voters (the 99%), it is really more about the 1%...so forgive me for not voting for politicians when i don't see them making any real change at all...i would rather spend my time trying to promote change in other ways.

Bad actors scare the hell out of me too. There are so many, from both extreme sides of the political spectrum, who would love to see these demonstrations deteriorate into mob and mayhem...and probably are working to see that it happens<br />
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Maybe, since winter is soon, the better actors can take the movement indoors, where they can strategize for political action, which they have to do anyway....notice I say "they" If I see the movement headed somewhere fine, I'll be on board too.

Echo this and bumped.<br />
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Naomi Wolfe wrote a good piece a week ago. 'Known unknowns' must be identified as well. Protestin with hidden faces an anonymity is gutless - and feeds the fire of those who despise OWS