The First Ows Violent Crackdown Death: A Pregnant Woman Gets Pepper-sprayed And Kicked In The Stomach. And Miscarries.

This is starting to seem surreal to me. Am I really living in a country where this behavior from police is acceptable? An 84-year-old woman gets pepper-sprayed. Big threat she was. She talked about it afterwards and there was room for dark humor about the situation. Oh, yeah, there was that veteran who ended up in the hospital.  Not much room for humor there. And the videos of students being sprayed at close range with pepper-spray.  And too many other incidents to name.

And still there are those that say that the protesters deserve it because they are breaking the law.  Really? Do you want to live in a police state?

And now we have a pregnant protester getting kicked in the stomach and pepper-sprayed. . . And miscarrying 5 days later. Hey pro-lifers, are you going to come out on this one? Hello?

We may never know whether her treatment at the protest definitively caused the miscarriage. So let's not debate that here.

But can we agree that a pregnant protester, who stated her condition and was trying to leave, shouldn't have been kicked in the stomach and pepper-sprayed?  Can we acknowledge that we have a really big problem here?

Update: 11/23/11
So Jennifer Fox has not cooperated with the initial reporter, and several that know her are coming forward and saying she is a compulsive liar.

Two months ago, I would have been more skeptical initially of a report like this. But there has been so much well-documented over-response from the police that it wasn't a stretch to imagine a young woman getting kicked in the stomach in the middle of all this. She certainly was pepper-sprayed, along with that dangerous 4'10" 84-year-old woman.  

The reactions you see on video of people screaming and moaning from the pepper-spray is for real. If Bill O'Reilly really thinks that being pepper-sprayed at close range isn't a big deal, I challenge him to do a demonstration on his show.
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I hope not, too, DC.

Some of the demonstrations during the 60's were much worse.<br />
During the burning of Detroit the police and national guard used live bullets and armored troop carriers.<br />
So far it hasn't come to that, and I hope it never will.

I believe they are "real" and not privately-funded. But I am open to correction is someone knows otherwise.

I find peaceful protesters being sprayed at close range with pepper-spray to be disgusting. <br />
<br />
And do you really think there isn't a problem with corporate greed in this country?

This occupy stuff is turning into a total freak show. They will say and so almost anything to make anyone who isn't active in their pity party look evil, greedy and cruel. Im sorry but this entire story disgusts me.

All of you should read the whole post. She updated it. It's been said that this woman is known to be a liar, and this incident specifically didn't happen. The pepper spray thing is disgusting though.

I updated this post to that effect this morning. She was pepper-sprayed and taken out on a gurney. There is video to that effect.


Yes, Riverswoman. People that don't want to acknowledge that excessive force is being used, bring up isolated incidents of people throwing things at the police, etc. to justify the response. But the much of the pepper-spraying has been at close range of seated protesters. It also sounds like it gets sprayed in the middle of things way too much. This use needs to be looked at.

He sounds like Gestapo.

Willemcd sounds like a police officer!

Willemcd sounds like a police officer!

Don't you find it odd that no major media outlet has interviewed her.. Don't you find it odd that this is a homeless child (for who know's how long)... The questions that beg to be asked.. is she using Occupy as a refuge from a way of life?.. Is she street smart enough to play a scam on the system?.. Who is the father of her miss-carried child? I'd think he too would be raising a ruckus... <br />
Why is it that only an alter-week rag (The Stranger) the only folks she's talked to?.. Don't any of these questions give you pause to step back and let the FACTS unfold? Bill in Va.

Things are really getting ugly. Eve.<br />
<br />
I hope there is video footage of this awful incident, and that the police officer (read Mercenary for Capitalism) is charged with manslaughter, at the very least.<br />
<br />
Kicks to the stomach -of anyone- are not part of any civilised police service's standard operating procedures. If they are unable to deal with protesters without resorting to this kind of mindless violence, they should not be in the job.<br />
<br />
Thank You for this important -sickening- post.

Did you even READ the article cited? I'll make it easy on ya...: "I repeatedly asked Fox if she could provide any medical records that confirm the miscarriage or that the clash with police officers caused it. She did not have copies but says she asked her case worker at Harborview to provide her with records (I’ll continue to ask for follow-up evidence and post if and when Fox provides those records)."<br />
<br />
Bogus claim... Bill in Va.

As always, buffalo Bill steps up to defend the indefensible.

Yes, I read it. Did you read mine?

bill... would you provide your medical records to a liberal Democrat who supports OWS? you're asking that her privacy be invaded on top of all of it? awesome.

ohh, that's right, according to the video footage taken at place, the officer offered her pez and helped up her up, my mistake, no way would his accidental foot in her torso cause any malaise in pregnancy no way whatsoever

Before I made a claim, I'd have my proof with me.. But.. I'd not be supporting an assertions until I heard both sides of the story....That's just me... Bill in va.

And where the hell in that vid do you see that?... And where in that vid does it show she was trying to leave?... Staged and completely bogus until proof otherwise is presented.. GOD, you guys are really reaching aren't ya!... Bill in Va.

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and people wonder why i hate the police ?<br />
<br />
to protect and serve ? (like in Tahrir Square) ?

naw, i don't wonder about that at all. makes perfect sense to me.

My chest feels heavy from this. And it makes me feel sick. Thank you for the comments. I feel less alone.

This story and link, make me cringe in ways I can only imagine to a woman with woman parts would a very not-good way :(

horrific, Eve. thank you for sharing this incredibly unfortunate post.

I think you are right. I have been afraid that we are in a gradual descent into becoming a fascist country. But maybe we are already there.