I Wint Their

I wint down tu tha occupie wall strete protist and had a blast I got so fuct up I couldn't sie strate and smoked sum gr8 pot and it wuz esey tu get sum **** I didn't even hav tu ask they just threw me on tha ground and fuct me without even axing it wuz so fun until I pased out and wokeded up in a dumpy thingy nakid wif a hobo but I didn't care we did not even hav tu use a tolet wi just puped on tha ground or cop carz. I think I mite nede an aborton thingy now tho so I'm heding tu tha free clinic becuz it burnz win I pee and I mite be nokceded up.
democratgurl democratgurl
22-25, F
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You should hit the comedy circuit. Of course, it will be pretty tough to pretend to be a mid-twenties young woman in front of a live audience--especially when they're probably looking at a bitter, resentful old geezer....

I'm with you Frankly.......what the hell is the point of this ?

You must be joking..

She wokeded up in a dumpy thingy! Wish I could hear this spoken out loud.

What a stooooopid way to write..........would take more time than it's worth.

She threw away all semblence of established propriety.....like jazz!

I wonder if she adds the Kardashian gutteral growl syllable to the end of every word.

with the elongated......ahhh sound added for additional emphasis....ahhh.

See, but dig it! Its text speech but its also two complete and correct sentences! This is genius.

I believe he/she is throwing bombs to illicit response. Kaplooey! Bombs go splat.

What a waste of time.

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Quit with the act.....no one writes like this.
You are not even female are you ?