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"baby im thinking about joining the marines" hearing these words made my head spin. i cried for days. i told him that he couldnt and it wasnt an option. he did any ways and now i see that this may be the best thing for him. he was going to make something of him self with or without me. so i finally decided to go along for the ride. now i feel selfish for not wanting him to go. its his life and i support his decisions 100%

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just because i didnt like the idea of him going to the marines AT FIRST doesnt mean that i dont like it now. i think its a great idea. and it makes me mad that people ASSUME that we have had sex. let me tell you. that I AM A VIRGIN and da** proud of it!!! also, growing up, "I" or "me" were dirty words. so i KNOW what its like to put other people first.

hmm, are you selfish.. not supporting him...<br />
<br />
Is he selfish for wanting to go in spite of your protests? For not supporting you 100%.?<br />
<br />
That said, marriage/committed relationships are a series of compromises that most folks do not realize going in. Especially young people or people who were raised to believe only 'I' count. You are going to have this in any relationship. Compromises, both sides.