Can't Imagine Military Life In Iraq

There is a young man in my church who is now stationed in Iraq. I hear that the temperatures reach up to 130 degrees F during the daytime, and nights are often in the 90's. Imagine being in the military, people like him would have to be in fatigues and boots, and carry equipment additionally as needed. I can't imagine fuctioning in such temperatures day in and day out. i feel like a pat of butter on 90 degree days, even in the best of conditions (shorts/T/flipflops). Brutal temperatures w/having to function/carry out their job is challenging enough, but to have to worry about personal safety and that of their comrads? I know it is his job, but i sure do respect people who fulfill this duty to protect the country where i live (from terrorism) even if i don't always agree w/all military commitments our country makes. The loss of life from road side bombs seems pointless, and makes me angry.
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Jul 17, 2010