Thank You!!!

I just want to tell everyone who is with me on supporting our troops, thank you for doing so, because they definitely deserve it. You don't have to support the war to support the troops. Thanks to all who understand that. And if there is anyone in the military reading this, then I would like to applaud you and extend a Thank You that I can't quite put into words. It is so brave of you to take that leap and dedicate yourselves to this country. It doesn't even matter if you just joined a branch just because you were in a bad spot financially, emotionally, or any reason. The fact that you did it says so much. As civilians, we can't even begin to fathom what you go through in Basic, AIT, and eventually, but hopefully not inevitably; war. You are strong, courageous, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. I want you to understand how much we appreciate you, even if we don't always show it. You are the backbone of this country, and without each individual one of you, our country would fall apart. You are always in my prayers, and will always be in the good graces of God. Thank you so much, keep soldiering on :)
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so very well put & from an english point of view,may god protect our boys & girls serving alongside in Iraq & Afghanistan.