I So Do

I love supporting our troops. They do so much for this country. To keep it safe. They also take time out of their life. To be over seas. If it wasn't for the troops of this country. I don't think that we would still be safe. They sacrifice so much for this country. That I just feel like that they should be thanked all of the time. I know that I try to thank them every day. I like the guy that I have in the Navy. He is the greatest thing to have happened to me. I support everything that he does. That is something that we all can do. Is to support what they do for us. So please try to thank them for the work that they have done. Also its nice to help them out. When they come home from where they have been. I know that I try to do that when ever that Jack comes home. I like to make sure that he gets a great home made meal. I am one of many people that support them. i am so prowed of that.
ac1986 ac1986
26-30, F
Sep 17, 2011