I think Veteran's Day is my favorite holiday That's because I have had a lot of my family members serve in the Armed Forces. My dad my cousin and many other family members even before I was born.
Kailyn Kailyn
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ok im Canadian but we have a memorial in the park its really nice and i go every year.

Really? That's great

yeah i have family members the served in world war 1 and i think even in world war 2. so i remember the people who fought for our countrys

Same with my family and Im an ex-marine myself.

That's great. I think it's so great that people can do that go serve their country. We have a War memorial right in front of the courthouse where I live. it's a really nice statue too. I would like to see the Vietnam War memorial once.

We have a civil war memorial in front of our county court house and its really nice.