I Am Against War - But Not the Men & Women Who Fight For Our Freedom

I believe in the men and women who fight for our freedom in wars... but don't personally recognize the wars as a safe solution to the problems we face.

But I am a poet, and I am putting together a book for soldiers and their families about just that the work they do, and how I honor them.

you are welcome to join me in my pursuit of honoring those who fight for us, and I would gladly accept any military personal - to get to know you better and to write a better book.

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9 Responses May 4, 2007

The only freedom the GI's are fighting for is the MICC's FINANCIAL freedom. That's it.

I just think enough is enough bring our troops home it bout time I full support out troops but I think it's time to come home

I hear you all the way.................I say keep the home fires burning toill all war stops............but it wont.............greed is in the human heart. I love those that serve for freedom.............but I believe we should stay out of all civil wars.

I agree with Afghanistan, in part, but not Iraq. I don't think whether someones support of the war should affect their support of the troops.

The rank and file GI's are OK, but I hate the generals and admirals who get rich on war, join corporations, foment more wars and go on Fox News to push another bullshit war.

its great reading your blog i live in a very military area and i have seen alot of people come and go i have a alot of friends who are army,navy and RAAF and everytime they tell me they are getting deployed it kills me cause theirs always wat if u dont come back its great what u are doing!

Thanks for your support. It really means a lot to the troops!<br />
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I don't agree with what the government is doing either. But if people did not volunteer to fight for this country , who would? I did it because I wanted to.

Its great to hear that people support the troops even though they dont support the war.

That truly is a wonderful thing to honor our troops in such a way. Those men and women fighting need their stories told as well as their family members. War is such a destructive force, it not only tears families apart it tears the fabric of our society. So many people now are disillusioned with our government and leadership for their poor choices in this war. Ultimately a whole generation will be affected by their stupidity and this will eventually cause more dissention. I pray for the men and women fighting this war. I also pray for America to find its way again.