The Treatment Of Our Service Men And Women And Our Vets..

THIS IS JUST MY PERSONAL OPINION FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCES: My dad is a vietnam vetran who was treated horrbly when he returned from serving over seas. He was called baby killer and all kinds of other vulger names. had things thrown at him and was turned away from places when in uniform on leave state side. He is the most honerable and noble man i know.
He recently has had his health decline. I now care for him and take him to the dr appointments at the VA hospitals and clinics. when i first started going with him i just sat and kept silent and listened as his dr that barely spoke english berated him for his eating habits (which werent that great but not horrible either) and when he asked my father a question when my dad would start to reply the dr would just talk over him and not listen to my dad at all. when my dad would try to bring up new symptoms or say he was worried or ask a question the dr would tell him to be quiet and was extrememly rude to him. i went for two more dr appts with this same dr and they were the same lots of mistreatment and belittleing. my dad had me put on his paperwork that they had to deal with me about his health and appts and meds. so the nest appt i was quiet and listened and was polite and finally when he called my father ignorant and senile i lost my cool some and ask the dr if he treated all his patients this way and if he was rude to them like he has been with my father. he jumped out of his chair and jabbed his finger in my chest and belittled me for being an unmarried woman and speaking out of turn. my dad imeadiatly got between the dr and i and said to keep his hands off his daughter and we proceeded to try and leave the exam room. the dr fallowed us out yelling at us and saying he that he has never been spoken to like that by a female and was not going to see my father again.
we went to the vetrans advocate and when my father expressed his anger and the dr for jabbing my chest so hard i had red marks on it the advocate said i should not have opened my mouth.
the shrink my dad sees at the same clinic only sees him long enough to adjust his meds if necessary and never has a full session. its supossed to be an hour long session but its never more than 20 mins the last two time the dr fell asleep while typing on the computer.
ive seen other vetrans being treated the same way in the same clinic. outr vetrans deserve to be treated with the upmost respect by everyone. healthcare providers too. ive seen young vets with a body part missing or in a wheel chair trying to get into the building and an administrater walk right by them and not help. if complete strangers thank our vetrans out of the blue for serving then our medical professionals and health care providers shoud treat them even better. after all its our ancestors that fought to make this country free and we have even gone to other countries to fight for not our freedom but theirs. our fathers brothers sisters aunts uncles cousins etc.. are the ones we lose in battle fighting for others. and we support them and love them even knowing that we may never see them again when they leave. and we embrace the people that flee such countries and come here and chase the american dream of being free to choose ur job prefession home life whatever it is that brought them here. i think just a little respect especially to our vetrans is on order. and if you choose to be a dr at a vetrans clinic/hospital then treat them kindly comassionatly and be professional and listen to what they say. really listen. its what they rightly have earned and deserve. with out our armed forces we would have no future no peace of mind and no freedom. they do what some of us cant or wont do. they are true heros.

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they want us dead is why no care the cut budgets to give more money over seas or to others the hell with vet

are biggest mistake was putting down our weapons when we came home

That's ridiculous, that doctor is a terrible person. Some people just need to be driven over by an M1A1 Abrams Tank :)

I feel for you & your Dad, he should be respected for serving his Country & be given the finest care possible it's unfortunate that there is so much lack of respect for people like him that had no choice but to serve & as a result of that he suffers now, people such as doctors that usually live a great & wealthy life unfortunately most think they are a special breed of people & hold themselves of higher caliber than others shame on them, let's just hope the saying is true that you get what you give. I wish you & your father all the best & Iets hope that there is a life after this one where he will be rewarded for his courage and honour & you too for being a special daughter tell him thanks from Everyone all over the world & sorry for all those people that do not have respect for people like himself.

we went straight over to my dads VA rep and he got ahold of the congressman himself as they are friends and we also requested a different dr. things went smooth for a while and it seemed to get better then the dr well physicians assistant who is the same age as my dad decided to retire, not my dad hardly sees him as he cacells the appts with my dad alot now. my dad was directly involed with spraying agent orange and a few other color agents over there. as he helped set up many bases and camps and was the one that was sent out first to scout the land and kill the enemy as they put it. he was only 17 when he went in. he was in his 20's when he was discharged. i am not afraid to talk to whomever it takes to get better care not just for my father but all the vetrans. better counsiling and health care and all around better treatment. we live up in the mnts in a small town so we have to travel for every appt and have to leave two hrs ahead of the appt to make it on time. we get half way there and they call and cancel not ok. the respect just isnt there anymore. and future generations are lacking even respect even more.

Thank you so much for posting your story, very few people realize how poor the care is for veterans. It is a little better today, but I fear it is about to get worst as the Defense Budget gets cut. Over the years, I have seen the promise of free medical care for all veterans move to those only for military related injuries, requirement that they served at least two years of active service or prove they were injuried in combat, and eliminating aggressive care based upon age, lifestyle choices, and general health. Viet Nam veterans are dying at the rate of 3,000 per day. It will not be long before there are very few of us still around.
The VA's bad treatment is dependent on vets and veterans family not knowing how to get good care at the VA. You have a right to request a new physican, you have a right to request that your compliant to the advocate in writting and get a copy of it and request a written response. You also have a right to request the phone number of the Network Director. She or he is over everyone in the network and has numerous advocates that work directly for him (they report to him alone) and they have the power to get things done. It may take a while for them to get back with you, but it is worth the wait. If you are still not happy with the out come, take all the copies of your compliants and responses to your Congress person's veterans affairs rep.
I wish you and your father the best.
From another old Viet Nam combat vet.

this country was founded by free thinkers and hard workers like the men and women that serve our country. they should be very well taken care of by us and our government. not mistreated by anyone.