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I cant stand jerks who treat our military men and women like ****. Most of them did not join to go into this particular war. My brother was in Iraq for six months and it changed him so much,he joined to serve our country and he comes home to be spit on by foolish activists.He almost lost his life and he comes home to a country that treats him like it is his fault this war happened. Get a life people,you are going after the wrong people. Leave our soldiers out of your hate,they deserve all the love they can get and many of them really need it after seeing and doing the things they are made to do.
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I am former military myself. I make it a point when I see a person in a military uniform to go out of my way to say thank you for serving and shake their hand. We need to support them. They aren't the reason they are fighting. They volunteered to protect this country and our freedoms and they deserve a whole lot better than those DAMN right wing, politically correct ***** who profess to know more than they really do.<br />
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I say Hoorah for our military and we should all be thanking them and treating them a lot better than they are getting.<br />
When I was in the Marines I got a lot of crap for it and it's just a shame how our citizens and our government treats our military.<br />
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As for those of them that didn't serve and are negative to our troops, I say deport them for minimum of 5 years to countries like Iraq or Iran or somewhere else where they hate us and then let's see WTF they think of the USA and the Military then !!!!!!

Amen. One thing we have to do for our troops is to stop the State Department from entering into status of forces agreements with foreign governments that we are defending with our lives, that handicap our troops, and keep them at more risk by tying their hands behind their backs. As a member of the Lebanese Peace Keeping Forces in 1983, we were sitting ducks, 100 percent of the time. We could not return fire to areas where we were being fired on from unless we could actually see the person/gun firing on us. We had to challenge in three languages before we could respond to an assault (one reason for the sapper being able to drive his truck full of explosives in to the building housing Marines and killing 237 Marines ) I was there that Sunday morning and witness the whole thing. Also, in Vietnam, we were often hamstrung by similar SOFA.

Even when I was just a cadet, I would get spat on from time to time, and once a woman slapped me round the face and said it was disgusting that I spent my time pretending to be a killer. <br />
Strangely, since I've actually joined for real, I've had none of that.

I would add you haven't seen anything unless you'd seen the treatment Vietnam vets got coming back...

thank him for his service. I think most do.<br />
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After 9-11 most of the "Wouldn't it be great if we had to have bake sales for bullets" bumper stickers disappeared, esp when we had to go to war with the things we had, not the things we wish we had, those bumper stickers just made it sound like they were happy our people were dying.

In order to be the nation that is free, we have to protect our democracy. I SERVED IN THE ARMY AND WAHT AN EDUCATION I GOT. jUST THINK, there arn't many jobs out there , so it might be a good thing.

bitlord u are ******* idiot!! just reading what u are saying it makes me think wat a bloody loser seriously how bout u go join the army and get told where to go without any choice in the matter how about u go thrugh some of the things all those people in the military go through and then u can come back and tell us ur story but for now but out and leave this girl alone!

Well.....I was in the army.....and there was only one marine that we treated badly...And she really deserved it...I mean after a bit...even the other marines treated her badly....(We were in training together)....She earned the treatment...<br />
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But I would make jokes about the marines....I mean hey...What Army man did not.....But I did learn to respect them....and after a few decades...I even found myself huging a marine.......But hey...really....I know that we were all brothers under the uniform...I mean after all....We all shared the same Boss....and when I was in....the military did not like him either.....Mr Peanut.....did not wish to use stop it when it all started....and now look where we are.......Stupid Komeami.....(or how ever the way you spell that silly name)

i know people treat me like **** and im was a marine

Not sure what a moonbat is , but it is a good one!! lol...

Thank you guys for leaving decent comments that are not meant to make someone mad. I dont usually tell people to **** off but when they are ***** about your baby bro in the military,that is always my first response. The men and women in the military do not decide when they get to come home.The government does,so if you want to **** and moan,do it to them.Not the service members,they have enough to deal with (like ********). What the hell is a moonbat?

You sir I am very proud to call you a Brother

Well, it is my turn. I spent 5 years in the Navy and went through desert storm. <br />
It takes a special person to "join","volunteer" for the armed services. I did not do it for the money, because it sucked. That is the only place where the people I worked with ever felt like a team. Teamwork, every employer preaches that today, yet won't hesitate to dump on you.<br />
I love this country and would die for it! Which means I would even die for you bitlord! Even if you are an idiot.<br />
Because that is the kind of person I am. <br />
I don't agree what our government is doing is right.<br />
Was 9/11 right. Sit on our *** and say ,oh well. We had to do something. <br />
Bush should have finished Hussein off when we had the chance.<br />
As far as support. Does anyone in here know how much it meant to hear the song "Proud to be an American". They played that a lot on the radio and it made me feel good. I was fighting for our country. Everyone in this country. Black,white,hispanic, asian, purple, pink gay and lesbian.<br />
Support our troops by standing up for us. If we did not fight for you or this country, who would bitlord? You?? I doubt it very much by the sounds of it.<br />
I did not notice if you served in the military or not. If you are not happy with things in this country, let me be the first to show you the door. <br />
The average age in the military now is about 21-22 years old. Think those kids deserve some respect!! <br />
I have worked with kids that say they will not clean a toilet, "it's not my job". Stick their butts in the military for a wake up call.<br />
I have cleaned many toilets, wiped butts, watched people die and went through a war.<br />
What have you done bitlord?

You do not trash the military here...You do what you can...Even if that is to just say thank you for doing what you are doing...It is not an action that you do...It is how you are to them...What good does it do to stand on a street courner with a sign that says "Honk if you want Peace" does it get us to the end any faster...What good does it do the soldier to see a sign stating that the president is a war criminal...and all that do his bidding is also...That is where a great deal of PTSD comes from...We should be simply stati9ng Thank You for doing what you country asked of you...For if it was not for men and women like them in the past You would not be able to stand on the courner with your signs, asking for people to Honk their horns...For if ypou did that in Germany in the 20's and 30's and into the 40's you would have been shot.....God Bless America

When you are a soldier you are not allowed to have an beliefs...If you were the military would issue you one...At least that is what we said when I was in...hehehehe

I agree ten thousand fold in supporting our troops. My boyfriend is currenly preparing to head off to Iraq at the end of next month. He's not going over because he wants to, but because he has to. Our soldiers are so serve over there, regardless of their beliefs.

I second that...bitlord you area moonbat.....<br />
<br />
(hey baconfat...what is a moonbat)

Bitlord, I agree quite a bit with your policy and opposition to the war but I dont think you can attack the soldiers fighting over there they really dont have a choice, you can blame the people in Washington for getting into stupid wars for fake reasons. The soldiers risking their lives are so incredibly brave and selfless that regardless of whether or not you and I agree with what war they're fighting in you simple cannot insult them like you just did. They're decision to put their very lives in jeopardy for a cause is astounding, I know its something that I couldn't do.<br />
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However, I don't like the classic line that everyone throws out about them "protecting our freedoms" I don't care what you believe, the notion that our soldiers are doing anything of the sort in the Middle East is ridiculous, at best they are trying to protect other people's freedoms, unfortunately while the current administration steps all over ours; this war has made us less free than we were. <br />
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However I will always support the troops because they deserve the very best that our country has to offer for their courageous sacrifice and I cant understand why people treat them like sh1t

Say again Baconfat...I agree 1000% bitlord you are a moonbat.....<br />
<br />
(hey baconfat...what is a moonbat)<br />
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Get a life..and put it on the line bitlord...Just lke I did....A true and proud American Vet.....

bitlord: you are a moonbat.

bitlord why do you feel the need to make such comments to people? It is ok that you don't agree but you do not have to be so mean with the way you disagree. Others would have more respect for you and your comments if you would change the way you deliver them.<br />
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My son is going on his 2nd tour over there in Oct. Regardless of wheather there is a war or not. These members of the miltary protect our country and give you bitlord the freedom to be an ***. Our milatary men and women do what they are told to do for this country. Many may not agree with what our nation's leaders are telling them to do but it is their job.<br />
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If you don't agree then vote for leaders who will make the changes you want. Our milatary men and women are not the one's to target it is the leaders of this country.<br />
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blackcat don't let bitlord get to you. this is his mo, he just wants to get under your skin. <br />
<br />
I'm so sorry for what your brother has had to deal with since he has been back. I understand because my son has had to deal with unappreciative people who don't know their ***** from a hole in the ground. Tell your brother I said thank you for caring enough for me and for this country to risk his life to show his pride and love for our futures.

I would be more than happy to lead a brigade of loyal Americans to "Tar and Feather" those Moonbats.

I'll second your thoughts. Our military men and women are heroes!<br />
<br />
By the way ... thank your brother for serving. I know some of what he feels, I had the same reception during the Viet Nam War when I came home (and I hadn't been overseas, just wearing my uniform) for a visit.

**** off bitlord.