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My big brother is in the United States Navy. My friend's big brothers are in the Navy and Marines. One of them is currently in Iraq. This guy is my friend (and old crush). I support our troops. I pray every night, and they are definitely a part of my prayers. I support our troops, but I do not support this foolish war. The government was stupid for getting in on a war that was none of our business. And it ticks me off that our President is refusing to pull out of the war completely, or even bring 20,000 men home. He is an idiot. We shouldn't be putting innocent lives in danger. Our troops need to come home. No more blood should be shed, no more lives taken. I support our troops with all my heart. But I do not support this war, nor do I support President Bush. A favorite quote of mine is "Fighting for peace is like ******* for virginity." and its true. If we have to... okay... but I love all people. And I hate that we are killing to stop the killing! It makes no sense! I want the insanity to stop! And I want people to stop blaming the soldiers for all of this! Do people actually think that the soldiers chose this or caused this?!? That is dumb. If they want to blame someone, I'd say blame the government before you even start to THINK about blaming our troops. Maybe it isn't the government's fault (yeah.. right), but no matter what, it is NOT our troops' fault. I definitely support all who are serving in any branch of military. Do you?
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I do very much so

Soldiers dont choose to go to war, goverments do.