I know there are millions of opinions out there on this subject, some good and some bad, all depending on which side you stand upon, support and believe in. While I can respect the right to express these opinions openly and freely, what I cannot respect are those who maliciously and purposely hurt and attack those who have lost loved ones with their comments. You have every right to agree or disagree with my post, and comment on it however you wish...but please remember one thing.
The reason you have the right to speak freely and express you feelings, is because of the sacrifices these men and women have made. I'm not someone who supports war, and I won't sit here and say I defend or agree with everything our government does. But the soldiers,...the men and women who put their life on the lines, and the families of these brave individuals at least deserve your respect for the job they do, selflessly, without expectations.
Thank you to all of you who have served to support us in this country.

Now feel free to let me have it...but take it out on me, not our troops.
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Some day we will need troops to actually defend our country rather than meddle in other peoples conflicts. The problem is not with our troops, but with the military industrial complex. I would say it's great that at least the generals never tried a military coup. Or maybe they already have and nobody noticed.

i am very patriotic and admire our troops and dislike those who are from other countries who hate this country.