Thank You

Thanks to all of  you who are bringing awareness to this disease.  My sister is currently in treatment for ovarian/cervical cancer.  She was stage II when she was diagnosed, and she has been through it in the last years.  She has resolved herself to the fact that she will never have children, and she smiles through the sickness that the treatment causes. She is a very strong young woman and young to have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer as she was only around 22 years old when she was diagnosed.  (I know it sounds horrid but I don't know her age anymore.) I have to believe that God worked in my life to get her diagnosed early.  One of my best friends had breast cancer, had a mastectomy, and lost her life to cancer many years ago.  Since that point I have been obsessed with feminine health for my siblings and made them go to the OB/Gyn when I had my appointments for the same check ups that I was getting.  It was during one of these routine pap smears that the doctor found abnormal cells and her diagnosis and treatment proceeded from there.  Many times extremely young women do not take care of their reproductive health, but now more than ever, it is important that they do so.  It is sometimes a matter of life and death.

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This is a disease that can impact young women and my sister is (for now) living proof!