You Will "literally" See A Sea Of Bloods In The Streets Of Beloved Palestine...

Shame on you Nazi supportes if you watch this video and still support Israel, if so, do not leave any ignorant comments but walk in shame with your heads down away from here!

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I tell you it's war crimes and crimes against humanity and I hope those responsible one day pay dearly for those crimes

Justice will be done someday....


The only country in the world to wilfully target civilian populations with no regard for human life.<br />
<br />
The hypocrisy about Syria is breathtaking.
But Israel usually follow each attack on civilians by this “Israel is deeply sorry, Israel does not target civilians” Wow that will make everything alright and life will be wonderful again!
Not just about Syria but about everything , some of the statements actually confuse me, I wonder, do they believe themselves for real? Hypocrisy!