Israel Murders The Peacemakers

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I am glad I watched this video, now I see things clearer. Personally, I am not a supporter of Hamas, that doesn't make me against them, I still prefer them over the other cheater, but I do have some criticism to share about them. However, I am not informed much about all their members, amongst them the recently assassinated one, knowing about him from the video and his role in negotiations makes me oppose the assassination itself, I was mostly angry about the attacks but not really the assassination, also I am angry about how Israel keeps assassinating regardless to the individual they are targeting, it is about the principal itself, they can kill whoever they want, that’s it.
Another good point covered, is that it is not always “poor Israel” who’s retaliating to attacks, plus, even if you forget about the specific incidents as mentioned that would cause rockets fired at Israel, there are tons of other reasons for people who are living in such situation to fire and attack.
Thanks for sharing.

With the US using drones to assassinate anyone they like , without any kind of trial or regard for innocents , it gives Israel the perfect excuse to act likewise.
They are beyond all law and norms of humanity.

thanks for adding to the awakening by posting this.

One day soon the perceptions of this conflict will change in the eyes of the public. I'm talking about those that just rant about terrorists and how Israel should wipe these people out. I think mainstream media will within the next year begin to put a different perspective on that whole conflict. Times are changing. A more realistic and true view, not a one sided view with only certain facts to sway the sheeples opinion

As a whole, and generally speaking (for there are many exceptions), Jews are a racist people, their religion a racist religion, and the nation of Israel a racist nation. What else would one expect of such a people?



"Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us" Golda Meïr

What else could you expect from one of the original Zionazis ?

What nonsense. Israel is supposed to stand by allow TERRORISTS to rain rockets down on them and do nothing?

They should bomb themselves if they want to stop terrorism.

So, Israel can assassinate anyone, especially peacemakers and it's okay with you, Puck? You never see the blood on their hands.

puck61, can you tell me why Palistinians are 'raining' missiles down on Israel? Can you give me a rational answer? Not something like 'because they're terrorists' or that type of meaningless answer which some people tend to give. Then we can talk more, because this Israel/Middle East issue confuses me and perhaps you can help me understand why it's so right and obvious that Zionists should have absolute control over the most fertile and best lands of the region, and Palestinians must settle with whats left. With a full apartheid system running. What gives these zionists the right to come take land, claim it for the Jews only, and this based more or less on the 'fact' that the bible says God has given them that land. The true madness is that millions of ignorant athiests support Israel as well. And the rest of the christians support them too, even though the Jews say they are the chosen people so there's not much point in going to church, you need to go to a synagogue to get results.

Ugh can't view now as well, my nephew is asleep! Will watch it tomorrow but will rate it up in advance.

:D.........It's very illuminating.

I am sure about that!

I watched this on their website. It's so sad that the U.S. has chosen to ignore such horrors. I read somewhere, I'm not sure if this is correct or not, but the average age is 17. So, these attacks are on the youth for the most part.

thanks for this. i have it bookmarked so that i'll be sure to see it when i can.

its has become obvious that the whole thing was planed from the very start. This man they assassinated has been doing a good job at keeping thinks quiet (that is before they started with the killing of Palestinian children..) Why else would they kill him if not to start this madness once again..
And I would add the nov. 10 murder of two boys playing soccer and the following attack on their funeral, where they killed two more people.. that was all days before the so called "escalation". A funeral!

Israel doesn't want peace as it would negate their whole raison d'être. Their sole intention is to keep themselves and the western powers in a state of perpetual war as a smokescreen for their continuing apartheid and genocide in Gaza. Thankfully news channels like this and others that dare speak the truth are becoming available to a much wider audience and people are becoming wise to their deceptions.

I agree, public opinion is of the utmost importance and its the media that can bring about change :) If yr into independent channels check out Democracy now!, thats where i get most of my info.. :)

I will.......cheers !