Israel And Palestine - The Conflict Ignored By An Apathetic West.

Today we live in a world where so many people don't give a damn about anything but themselves. Teenagers just want to have fun, and ridicule anyone who even makes an attempt at making a change, yet their mantra is "F***k the system". Fools. They are hypocrites, they acknowledge the government lies but they trust the news and wholly condone everything israel does. People need to change. But they won't accept what's right in their face. I found this campaign, called the "Doyouknowthereality" campaign. It's pretty cool. The idea is it doesn't talk about Palestine whatsoever until the person looking into it gets to a documentary about Palestine. It was made specifically for apathetic people, to open their eyes before they look away. Support the campaign and share it, also look into Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and, as always, Viva Palestina!
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Well, I'll help represent the teenagers who *aren't* hypocrites and fools, and certainly don't condone Israel. An awful lot of teenagers just don't really care either way, so if the media supports Israel that's what they'll see. I've heard attitudes towards Israel are changing lately and people sympathize more with Palestine but I can't say I've seen much evidence of that.

You see your in ability to talk to anyone that differs in opinion is the extact reason Palestine will never exist, you would rather live in squalor in a refugee camp then negotiate a future nation based on reality...who cares if I cant spell you fool

I will never be able to convince you. You know that. Why waste my effort on a fool who will never agree with me. No one will ever be able to convince me that israel has a right to exist. And you know that. So please don't try. Because it's pointless.

Live long Palestian..

Live long Pakistan too, my homeland :-)

Gaza can not succeed as long as Isreal continues to hem them in and control their economy by closing the borders/markets whenever they choose. Your reasons are all based on emotion, and that is the trouble with the Arab/palestinian approach to a Palistinian state. a Unified nation on the West bank is the only real solution for a prosperous economy. Once they make some money they can vacation in Lebennon.... I gre up in New Jersey and I have fond memories of that place, that doesnt mean I cant adjust to reality and move away

Emotion is only human. It's sad how you can't spell Lebanon yet you continue to argue your case against me. Please, you will never give up, this is not a debate, your just making foolish statements that you are insistent on making and you will not stop no matter what I say. So end this now and be quiet.

I want to ask you this....why does the gaza ***** exist as a part of the future Palestine? Why cant the UN, sho created it as a refugee camp delare it "closed" andmove the Palestinians that live there to the West Bank?? Expand the West Bank by takingpart of Isreal, and part of Jordan, and give them a unified and sizable country that they can at least have a chance of progress in. Gazais a wasteland with no future

I disagree. People's homes and memories are in Gaza. Some People there have built their whole lives on the coastline. The Gazan People are a strong and brave people. Israel does not deserve the right to take away any of the Palestinians land let alone on the only coast it has left. People from Gaza have a right to their land and just because Israel is bullying them they are standing up to the bully and not giving in. So in response to your question, your plan is unjust, unfair and impractical. It will only benefit the israelis who have no right to have even an inch of Palestinian land in the first place.