Tomorrow Is "D" Day!

Well its arrived, much sooner than I expected, my princess will begin her drugs for HIV! She is so very scared, bless her, still, at least we live in a part of the world where she can easily get them, how must it be, for a mother, who sees her daughter, suffer so much with this terrible illness, and nothing can be done, I just hope and pray that the side effects are not nearly as awful as is said.
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This is for ur daughter. I've been positive for 30 yrs. I got it through a blood transfusion back when they didn't test the blood. I've been through all the ups n downs you can imagine. I lost my best childhood friend because he was totally ignorant about how you get it. I battle with ignorant people a lot of the time when I'm trying to do my out-reach work!! Yet today I'm just fine with life because I learned how to accept being positive. I'm married to a wonderful wife that knew from the being of my status. With the proper regiment of drugs she has nothing to worry about as long as she stays on her meds, and does what is needed: eats right, rests, and avoid risky behaviors. Just because it tells you about the side effects doesn't mean you'll get any. The most I ever experienced was an upset stomach, and a rash. But it's gone away now. She MUST get involved in support groups because she will need the info/socialization. I'm not just throwing words here I've been there n done that when it comes to HIV+. Today my medical concerns have nothing to do with HIV because I'm undetectable through proper use of medications. I'm 65 and still kickin cuz I did what had to be done....and I've been dealing with this for 30 yrs. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I FACE IS TRYING TO DEAL WITH THE FEARS N STUPIDITY SURROUNDING HIV WHEN I DO MY OUTREACH HERE IN CHGO,ILL. It doesn't matter how you get HIV....what you do about it is all that really matters. 1). Seek help from a doctor in the area of HIV cuz he/she will know what needs to be done. 2). Keep all appointment/lab tests (this tells how meds are working n how your body is working i.e. kidneys, liver.). 3). TAKE MEDS FAITHFULLY...follow the directions ur doctors gives you....if you skip or don't take ur meds you'll open the door for some very serious medical problems. 4). Make sure you get ur shots for pneumonia, hepititus A & B. This is very important!!!!! It will give you protection. 5). Support groups are a must will help you get through difficult times. 6). DON'T BE AFRAID....Hiv is no considered a manageable chronic illiness. 7). Be VERY VERY careful of who you tell about your condition....people get scared/ignorant fast!!!! 8). When you need to talk to someone about it.....TRUST YOUR MOM...she is in your corner from what she wrote. 9). Live a normal life....don't be afraid cuz you're HIV+. 10). I learned compassion for life n other people through this illness.....find something positive about it. YOU BEAT IT...DON'T LET IT BE YOU!!!!

oh thanks Idmongo, just picked up meds today! She got truvada and sustiva, taking both tonight at 9pm, cant believe how positive she is being, its really great, Im so very proud of her! Im going to bring her to my home for an evening or afternoon, so she can take a look at this site and also aidsmed, some brilliant stuff on there for her to look at. thank you so much for your prayers, God is good for sure, love U 2!

I will be praying that all is well. Has she been sick? I have been taking my for almost a month. The combination that they have given me. All the side effects that they say have are the PEPTOBISMAL but I still take them. Everyone around me has had the flu but me!! Have jornual or get it out. You could always have her read my blog. or even contact me I would be more than willing to help her any way that I can. Even If it means helping with reserch.<br />
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LOVE YOU!!!<br />
GOD IS GOOD,<br />