Lost a Friend to Aids

I worked at an AIDS hospice during my college years, and one of the residents whom I was closest to passed away a few months ago. I was overwhelmed when I learned that he'd passed on, and it was painful for me to visit the house after I knew he was gone. I'd worked there for more than a year, and I should have been ready for something like this to happen, but I wasn't. I cried and it was hard to be around my college friends. None of them could really understand how I felt because the world we lived in was so separate from that which my residents occupied day to day. I know, however, that there are probably some of my classmates who have HIV themselves or know someone well who has the disease. I wish I could do something to connect to them, but there's no way to find them.  

I'll be walking in the AIDS Walk this weekend, but I want to do more. To all those facing HIV / AIDS and their loved ones, know that there are many supporting you.

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4 Responses Jul 13, 2007

Sorry I know what you are going though lost my father to AIDS.

I have empathy for you.

I'm terribly sorry for your loss. There are never the 'proper' words to alleviate such emotions especially in such a situation as yours.<br />
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You may not be able to connect with your classmates whom are HIV/AIDS positive directly, however, continuing to be an active supporter is more than many can claim. Perhaps you can volunteer a few hours of your vacation each year to the local support chapter? I've yet to assess your occupation/career, however, perhaps in some way you can weave the two together?

well said. Thanks for sharing such a poignant story.