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My uncle died of AIDS when I was 13, some 15 years ago...before much was known about the disease.  His partner is still alive, but of course is not healthy.  I wish I'd had a chance to get to know my uncle as an adult.
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I know how you feel. I lost my uncle to AIDS too...unfortunately, I never got to meet him. He died 5 months before I was born. I wish I could have gotten to meet him, I wish I could be as lucky as you and have those precious memories, butI only know him through the stories my family tells about him, a tape of him and my grandpa singing together, his pictures and his tombstone<br />
Cherish every memory of your uncle you have, be glad you have them. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

when you experience things first hand like that it will make you feel like that. You were 13 I'm sure you have some memories of him just remember those and don't patronize yourself for not getting to know him more. I'm sure he would be proud of you today.