before my senior year of high school, i attended the 'National Youth Leadership Forum On Medicene" which was, basically, a mini-med-school-intro-course. it was awesome, to say the least.

one of the days was devoted to workshops we chose, things like 'advances in neurological medicene' and 'histology' stuff like that, one of which were two forums on AIDS. one was a how-the-virus-works thing and the other was a meet-a-patient deal where they split us up into groups of 10 or so with each patient.

our patient was awesome. he was a surfer through and through, long sunbleached hair, tan, boardshorts - all of it. he talked openly about his past, his 'partners' and how he was diagnosed in the late 1980s. he'd been on cocktails ever since and his latest (strongest) one wasn't leaving him very active or healthy -he was getting lots of colds, which makes any AIDS patient paranoid about pneumonia i suppose. anyway, he was great - and i've kept in fairly regular touch with him since then

long story short, AZT's potency expired before we could / have discovered new drugs. he died earlier this year - and while thousands of children and adults die every day from HIV and AIDS complications, it struck me horribly hard. i moped for over two weeks and picked up my activity afterwards - i started going to the meetings on campus and attendng the research lectures i previous found boring.

i highly recommend the (PRODUCT) Red stuff - i've got three shirts, the iPod and have a bad habit of making preposterously creative posters (with words like REUPHOLSTE(RED) and CENSO(RED) with a line through the poster...anywayyyy)

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I went to NYLF Med this summer and had the time of my life. I'm not old enough to join this group yet, but I support people with AIDS thanks to that camp, too.

That's so great that you attended the leadership/pre-med camp and were inspired by someone you met there with HIV. Are you thinking about a career in medicine?