I Personally Believe That Aids...

I personally believe that aids is a man-made disease that our government was testing for biological warfare. I have had two friends die from this disease. I pray everyday there will be a cure for it. Scientists are very smart and I believe they will find the cure. As for our government - they're still out there making new biological weapons.
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I read a book called the river, it states that apes have been hunted for centuries, not likely to be a cause for hiv, but in the 1950s a vaccine for polio was discovered using monkeys and tested on children in african villages, this could quite possibly be the route of infection, but who is ever going to admit to that one, either way, i believe it was introduced to man by man. In the search for a cure/vaccine to our diseases, we create more, deadly infections.

I agree.

The stars refer to a word that means sex with animals. I didn't expect that one to get censored as it's technical, but just to avoid confusion.

All evidence suggests AIDS started in apes in Africa and was spread by heterosexual men (hunters) initially, and then the prostitutes they used. Quite how it got from apes to men is a matter of conjecture, some say from contaminated vaccines, other think there was a direct link, but if that's so was more likely from eating chimpanzee flesh than the usual assumption of **********, although you never know. I'm certain quite a few other diseases out there were lab made, but I don't think you'll find this was one of them.