a lot of people are caught in a nasty spot, especially just after being diagnosed.  they're scared to die, but also scared to live with the disease. 
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The reason why they are so scared is because of all the stupid, ignorant, uncompassionate people in this world!!!! People with HIV/AIDs are not sub-human they are just like everyone else on this planet!!! There is no reason to fear that your life is over...HIV is now considered a treatable chronic illness!!!! The main focus point is getting a positive attitude about go to support live your life like everyone else. People with HIV/AIDS are no threat to the general are actually a threat to their health....your cough, your cold, your you think any sane person with HIV/AIDS wants someone else to go through what they must? WORLD IT IS TIME THAT YOU OPEN UP HEARTS AND SHOW SOME LOVE & COMPASSION FOR THOSE LESS FORTUNATE THAN YOU.....tommy tee CHGO,Ill.

*sighs* admittedly, i have not had a close friend in this situation... but i try to show folks that if they want to, they can make a call to me saying just that. Lord knows, i have had people tell me horrid things on the phone before, and it never made me love them any less.

You are right. That's mostly because of all things know and not know. and noone to understand and confide in. You just can't understand how this feels you can't just pick up the phone and say Hi I'm HIV positive. Sorry if this sound harsh