I Miss My Girlie's

I used to work for a company as a DSP(Direct Support Professional). I love everything about working with my client's in which i perfer to call them my girlie's.Because not only was working with these empowered women such an enrichment experience. But they taught me that the world in their eyes of autism was far more spiritual and more amazing than in the eye's of our world. I was very close to each and every one of the girl's. I never felt like this was a 9 to 5 never ending job. I enjoyed my role as a DSP because my girlie's gave me the experience that I will never take for granted! But unfortunailty there were three thing's that bothered me and force me into taking a route that I will alway's regret! first was I couldn't take how some of the DSP took these girl's for granted first (by sitting on a sofa and watching whatever programs to their liking but never what the girls wanted. Or some of these DSP'S would force these girl's to go to an outting in the community to run their personal erronds.This would sadden my heart time and time again, because the girl's would rather do other thing's in the community. Second is when the girl's would go out in public place they would smile and take interest in their peer's and in the community.Only to be rejected by people of whom do not accept them into the community.Then third because some of the girl's would be emotionally abused by some of DSP's. I could no longer take this eludeness no more! so I quite and every since I regreted not staying even though I tried to protecting them by reporting my finding's to the company's coororate office. But it wasn't enough for me to stay and wait for them to make thing's better because with their replies was that they are doing everything they can but it would take time to replace these so called DSP because of so few applicable people to have the required necessities to work with people who have autism. so I left but if I had the chance to do it over again I will stay and fight for my girl's.
bluerose82 bluerose82
26-30, F
Jan 10, 2013