Supporting Peta and Peta2

I have supported Peta for a while now and my teenage son has been a part of Peta2 for a year now.  We both love animals and will keep supporting this wonderful group.

I have actually had to call upon Peta's help with some birds that were stuck in the store that I work at.  Peta has put a stop to them using that stupid glue boards to try to catch them.  Then I had to call them for in my daughters store they were using mouse traps to catch mice instead of the humane way of catching them. 

My son is not going to disect any animals in school either.  He wears his peta shirt under his school uniform and found out today that there is another student in his class that also supports Peta.  He was so happy when he came home with this news.  There are more of us out there then what we know about.

cinadkins cinadkins 46-50 2 Responses Jan 14, 2009

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If you truly love animals, please do some research on PETA. I don't think you will like what you find. On the surface, they seem like they are for animals, but just like the ASPCA, under their veneer of supposed benevolence lies the truth.

Peta kills.

What do think of using glue boards or Roach Motels to trap cockroaches?