What Do You Think Makes Having A Pet So Enjoyable?

What do you think makes having a
pet so enjoyable?
EPKumar EPKumar
32 Responses May 6, 2010

For some, having a pet is having a purpose. to care for and to be needed by. and if you happen to mess up a little, they don't yell or berate. they just continue to love.<br />
For me, pets are part of the family. you learn their personality and likes and dislikes. Zoey hates rain and is afraid of thunder. my black cat spooky could gently lead me to the litter box when change was necessary. So to me they become friends. A being I spend several hours a day with. who shows me love and compassion like i show them. Trust me, I've had worse friends.

unconditional love

My 'Tiel (Cockatiel) bird gives my miserable existence more meaning. A reason to even get up in the morning... I love that little guy! I think I would grieve myself to death without him. Pets love unconditionally. They don't judge you. Theyre always happy to see you when you return. They dont argue or have opposing opinions (that we 'know' of).

as human beings we develop a relationship of sorts with them, they learn to depend on us and to trust us ,they will even defend us if the need arises,they seem to greet us when we come home after being gone awhile,they seek us out and in their animal way show a type of affection that you cannot deny, i love my cat ,hes a great cat -tigerspaw1

taking care of them and loving themmmmm

Having a dog would be great. They are like little children with their own little characters and personalities. Pets bring joy.

So far it is not terribly enjoyable because they all pee on EVERYTHING!

Extra love and attention:)


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they always love you no matter what

They're often better companion than humans. Although they can't replace a true mate (this latter I'm still looking for).

because they sooth us, and give us purpose, as well as provide unconditional love.

They share your habits and mannerisms and convert them into their own design and you see yourself in new ways that you can't deny. But they still love you.

Sharing love, and life, with another creature on earth

they dont build you up just to let you down

Cute companionship. They are people in fur, tail, paws and cute ears. They are so lovable just being themselves.

Butter. Lots of butter.

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It is impossible to not love them because of their love for me.

simple companionship that you are in control of.

fresh eggs :)

Unconditional love. Fun. Most pets are so cute. I love dogs and cats but i also had a bearded dragon lizard that was actually very cute and sweet. Loyalty... they don't care that were not perfect. They love us anyway. Bonding.... This can be such an experience to bond and communicate with your pet. Everyrhing is enjoyable about having a pet!!!!!!!! With one exception. Their life spans. Thay get older and sick and so many people honestly dont have the money or time to care for the pet like they deserve. But what they add to our lives is worth the pain when they are gone....

Loyal, fun, they love me and I love them.

Unconditional love and they don't answer back :P

They can bring you joy and comfort. My cat is always waiting at the door for me whenever i come in from being out somewhere, much like a dog would.<br />
<br />
She's always willing to hop into my lap which is such a joy and comfort to me. She loves being stroked and petted. She has this smooth soft fur that feels like silk to the touch.<br />
<br />
Also she loves to lay on my belly or chest whenever i am laying down. All i really have to do for her is giver her fresh food and water. Oh yeah, and i have to keep her litter box clean. These are very small chores in comparison to how much she enhances my life.<br />
<br />
Her name is Fluffy aka: Miss Priss. I would swear that she knows when i or other are talking about her. She takes on this regal or diva air about her. It is really interesting to watch her change to that personality.

They can't speak.

Unconditional love. Despite the number of mistakes made or how badly the world has treated you, as you provide a warm place to stay, food and water, and attention - your pet thinks you are the greatest thing on two legs.

The unconditional love they give.

When they have a unique feature they know amuses you, like a fat bottom dog lip, or eyebrows like george burns, or they grin at you baring only their bottom row of teeth proudly, or ears they seem to trip over...

I have three dogs. They have endless energy and are full of fun and mischief. I love the fact that they bound up to me when I come home from work and let me know that they've missed me. <br />
<br />
I have found them comforting in times of stress and when I've been low. One in particular I'm very close to and he puts his massive head on my chest all the time to let me know he's there if I need perking up. They're loyal, loving and completely barking mad on occasion, but they're completely dependable and I trust them to protect me and the rest of my family; which they do.

unconditional love. undemanding company.<br />
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