What Do You Think Makes Having A Pet So Enjoyable?

What do you think makes having a
pet so enjoyable?
EPKumar EPKumar
33 Responses May 6, 2010

My 'Tiel (Cockatiel) bird gives my miserable existence more meaning. A reason to even get up in the morning... I love that little guy! I think I would grieve myself to death without him. Pets love unconditionally. They don't judge you. Theyre always happy to see you when you return. They dont argue or have opposing opinions (that we 'know' of).

unconditional love

For some, having a pet is having a purpose. to care for and to be needed by. and if you happen to mess up a little, they don't yell or berate. they just continue to love.<br />
For me, pets are part of the family. you learn their personality and likes and dislikes. Zoey hates rain and is afraid of thunder. my black cat spooky could gently lead me to the litter box when change was necessary. So to me they become friends. A being I spend several hours a day with. who shows me love and compassion like i show them. Trust me, I've had worse friends.