Shame On Susan Komen Foundation

I support Planned Parenthood.

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Love it!

Thank you all for your comments.<br />
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Yes, Karen Handel has resigned. But she's not going anywhere.<br />
She declined her severance package. That only means one thing to me. <br />
Accepting the package would surely include a clause preventing her from discussing Komen and Planned Parenthood. Now her Pro-Life crusade can continue. She's probably in a cab to the Fox Studio as we speak.

I will tell you as a breast cancer survivor, that this doesn't surprise me in the least. They spend most of the donated money on operational costs and "awareness", while we continue to die. The Komen foundation also doesn't want to hear it if you've a mere few thousand to donate...they want the big money. <br />
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I could go on, but I won't. Apparently you can turn a mighty pretty penny by having your sister die of bc. And, push your political opinions off on others too - or attempt it. I'm glad it has exposed some of the cracks in it's big ugly pink armor.

This just in: Komen has recanted. "whoops! Nevermind."<br />
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The roar from the interwebs was too loud...good job everybody!

Woobie just told me they pulled their funds from stem cell research too.<br />
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Let's all be good little Komen supporters, dress in pink, and walk around in circles.<br />

Penn State receives grant money from Komen. Penn State is under federal investigation right now.<br />
Let's see if Komen pulls their funding too. I doubt they will. this is pure right wing poltics

this right wing **** is crazy.... batshit... I throw my lot in with PP.. tell me where to sign.. I cannot understand the crap the right wing is pulling. All engineered by Fox.... there's a new book out about Fox... more at eleven..


OUI ! ! !<br />
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There is a lot of blame to go around, but I'm liking Karen Handel for now.<br />
She tried to run for Gov. of Georgia and one of her major platforms was Pro-Life. She is now VP of the Komen Foundation. Hmmm.

Very telling. I haven't seen that reported anywher else.

In January of 2010 I found a lump in my left breast. At the time I was unemployed (like many others in the nation), and considering having to ignore it. However, at my annual exam, I did have one of Planned Parenthood's doctors look at it, and was encouraged to get an ultrasound, which then lead to me having to have the lump biopsied. The total estimated costs for the ultrasound and needle biopsy, which had to be done through an outside health institution would have been over $7,000. I was nearly penniless, without insurance, and terrified about the possibilities of where the results of this biopsy could have led... Without Planned Parenthood, I would still be walking around years later unsure of what was going on inside my body and the immediate future of my health.<br />
~~Abigail Sannoki, Denver<br />
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In the past 5 years, Planned Parenthood was responsible for almost 4 million breast exams. 170,000 of those were funded by SGK.

It's only the people who object to the 300,000 abortions a year provided by PP that they object to, not PP in general. They'd gain a lot of support if they didn't do abortions, but then, They'd lose the support of the 300,000 who got abortions. Quite a conundrum.

"hysterical"<br />
That seems to be how that group rolls. I also read today about a group that is hysterical about Ellen Degeneres being a new partner with JCPenney. They claim JCP is a store that serves "traditional" families, not gays. <br />

*slaps forhead* oh Lilt. i'm gonna start digging a hole in the ground. wanna come with me? we'll call it utopia.

hmm ... on a press release I read it said that SGK stopped funding because PP was being investigated after having invested money in abortions which is illegal. When will there be some less hysterical, sensible discussion about that issue in the USA? The whole thing is just crazy, driven by the religious right.

amen. the head of the SGK also ran for governor as a conservative republican. there are some political undertones related to this move as well, which is ridiculous but to be expected.

I hope a lot of people take a closer look at this Foundation.<br />
Someone mentioned in another story that SGK spends 24% on actual cancer research and 20% on administration. I am curious about the other 56%.

I won't be sponsering anyone in SGK walks anymore that is for sure.

The kid is cute, eh?<br />
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My Mom was a director for PP, when I was growing up. I' ve been a supporter for a long time.

i think that this may be the biggest mistake the SKF has made. i for one will be directing my donations to PP from this point forward, unless and until they revoke their decision. BAD MOVE, SUSAN KOMEN FOUNDATION!!

That may be the funniest thing I've ever seen on the internet! (And I agree with your stance)