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I Asked Some Protestors A Question...

Planned Parenthood is frequented by protestors against abortion. I am pro-choice, even though (some would be surprised--don't know why) I am an adoptive parent. One day I was walking by the protestors who let us pass on the sidewalk. They were not bothering anyone, but their signs about murdering babies and such got to me. Okay, annoyed me. My enthusiasm for free speech aside, I had to my big mouth.

I was careful to be polite. My friends and I had our kids in tow...I asked, "Not even in the first trimester?" "Nope," one guy replied. "You think that's okay?" "Yes," I answered. "I'm pretty much a first trimester, no restrictions person. After that, that, regulation has role, IMO."

There were chants of, "No, murder!!!"

"Okay. You all are entitled to your opinion. And I'm happy to see you exercising your right to peacefully protest."

"We're not bothering anyone who works in the building," came a defensive shout.

"Right. Good for you," I said. "I mean that. But..."

"But???" asked a nice older lady.

"How many of you have adopted any children?" I asked. My friends were staring at me with that, make-your-point-we-wanna-go look.

One of the guys looked indignant. "What difference does that make?"

"No terminations, then the kids are born. That means a number will wind up available for adoption or in foster care. What do you propose to do about it?"

"Kids are beautiful!" said one. "How many have YOU adopted?"

"That one over there," I replied. "And I hope my friend doesn't mind me saying that she adopted those two over there and the two big kids behind us."

"So why would you be pro-abortion?" he asked.

"I'm not. I'm pro-family. Pro-parenthood. Pro-PLANNED parenthood."

He looked annoyed.

"And maybe you should be advocating for all those kids you want to languish in foster care for years and years, hmm?"

"That's got nothing to do with it," he insisted.

Now my friend got mad. That surprised me. "It has everytihng to do with it!" she snapped. "Get your head out of your butt and do a little reading. Google 'foster care,' 'homeless,' and 'incarceration,' for crying out loud!"

My friend had adopted one of her kids from foster care and looked as if she wanted to hit this guy over the head.

Now I wanted to go, so I took my friend by the elbow and over my shoulder I smiled and remarked, "What she said."

sterlingrose sterlingrose 46-50, F 3 Responses Aug 5, 2012

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you have it exACTLY :-) Thanks for saying :-)

I think you just became one of my personal hero's.

This proves that those against abortion don't care about babies after they are born. A fetus has more rights than a baby or a child.

The question is all about controlling women. The rich can always go to Norway (for example) for an abortion.

I would like to see an aggressive program for helping people avoid crisis pregnancies in the first place. Abortion should not be regarded as birth control. Birth control should be available to everyone who wants it. Contraception is everyone's responsibility. Kids should learn about it as an option in school along with plain old not having sex to begin with. Thanks for your comments.

I agree