A Great Place to Work

It was very stressful at times but I am extremely proud to have worked with this organization.  Educating the public about their reproductive health and contraceptive options was VERY rewarding!  I kind of wish that I still worked for public affairs.  I'm sure they are gearing up for this election.  Go PP!

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I work with PP almost on a daily basis in my job. I work for Social Services and we refer a lot of young women there and PP also helps young men and women apply for Medicaid, which then comes to my office. It's scary to know how many young teens are either pregnant or having abortions, but I'm extremely happy that Planned Parenthood is there for them. I whole-heartedly support them and their cause.

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My Mother was a director for PP when we were growing up. She loved her work with them. My younger brothers were often embarrassed when she would leave some of her "visual aids" on the kitchen table. Ha!!

Go for it, CC! You'd be great!

That's great CC! Thanks for the comment OTC. I will always keep ties with PP. They're wonderful!!

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Being a sex educator for PPH is an awesome experience! Thanks for contributing!<br />
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