Da Dee Da Da. Da Dee Da Da. Da Dee Da Da!

Mr. Mo Jo Movin!

My daughter just got a text  message from the White House!  They asked if she wanted  to add her name to the President's Birthday Greeting.....I believe Team Obama is up and on its game, ladies and gentlemen!  President Obama appeared in my homestate yesterday.   Hit a home run at an informal meeting with small business owners.  They indicated much interest in his new initiatives for easier loan opportunities and tax relief.  He then trucked on over to the Urban League and gave a speech on Education that laid the ground work for an extremely optimistic and forward looking vision for our children.  Then skeedaddlled over to the ladies of the View and talked to the women of the nation, thank you very much.....I think its safe to disclose this now.....Michelle and I  watched the broadcast together.  Afterwards, we put James on the turntable and got down like this:
  (and yes, we wore our gold lame hats and white fringed boots! We be feelin it! Oh yes!)


LilAnnie LilAnnie
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I'll put people like you, me and my daughter up against Big Oil and Wall St. anyday! What! Are they f'n kidding me? Look how the other side have positioned themselves, they've left us on the side of the Angels! That's the narrative. That's it, baby! Let's roll!

Thats awsome Lil... Yes he writes often to all of us. But not a text message to me. Michelle asked me to sign a birthday card. Make a donation... I did. Now he wants me to go door to door. He is an awsome organizer, communicator, and so far Im impressed. I hope that Boener doesn't end up taking over anything. They are most certainly getting big business to fund campaign ads. Awful fight ahead.