Republican Political Strategy: Failure On All Fronts

Its a cold hard fact.   The strategy of the Republican Party is to obstruct legislation, any legislation.   Rep. Weiner of New York sponsored a bill to pay for the healthcare of 9/11 first responders.   Many of them are dying now, did you know that?

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Thank you, .X0068359.

Concise and true for your perspective. But not for mine. Obama said what I believe is true, the Bush Administration drove this country into a deep ditch.

He's no better than Bush. Hows that for a well thought out and researched rebuttal?

Puck, have you met the man face to face? Those eyes you are seeing are your own projections of your desire to be the hero battling the boogeyman! How's that analysis for amateur psychobabble? Really, what comes out of my fingers here, sometimes I should just tape them to the desk!

I'm conservative but not republican. I think everything possible should be done for the first responders of 9/11., as well as those who have been poisoned with depleted Uranium overseas<br />
As far as progressives are concerned, I'm afraid you will follow Obama right into the pits of hell. (That's just an ex<x>pression)<br />
I personally don't like what I see in his eyes, above and beyond all the lies and blunders. I don't see how other people can't see that the man should be far away from politics, much less being the POTUS.

I guess cynicism about politics is certainly warranted! But we need wide eyed optimists about the process and I'm here to fullfill that me Pollyanna Party Girl!<br />
<br />
Weiner is a Democrat, Obama is a Democrat, the bill was voted up by Dems so I felt it deserved a place in a I support a Democratic President group....That's the reason! Ta Da!

Aww c'mon. I trust the government COMPLETELY. Believe nothin that you hear ... a lil of what you read ... an maybe half of what you see, right?<br />
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Legislation by party line is screwed in the head. An I think that in instances like this concernin the volunteers an others who gave at ground zero ... we should jus do the right thing. Also with veterans.<br />
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I don' know why this was posted under this group, but it deserves attention somewhere. There have been some statesmen capable of stayin clear of corporate influence ... an I see know prollem with them stayin put. But I get what you said ... an the idea of throwin the tired ol bastards out.

honestly i just do not trust the government. besides fight wars it screws up everything it handles. and no matter which party ,if someone has been in dc too long they should be voted out. when any party controls most of the power it is dangerous.

Whoa! Is that a slight openin ocean? I agree bout the bailoout - at least that it didn' reach ALL of its stated goals. I think it was merely used to boost solvency of some very rich folk. Very rich.<br />
<br />
If it was used to buy toxic assets - as was the stated intention - I have seen no evidence of this.<br />
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To some degree ... I also agree bout government control. But not because of socialism. I am much more concerned bout who controls the government. I don' believe it is our elected representatives anymore. I think it is corporate America, an I think again that corporate America - like the wealth in America - is in the hands of a very, very small percentage - like 5%.

how much longer will we blame bush for all the problems? i think it`s time for someone to man up and take charge and stop blaming bush. i mean really it has been 2 years and what has been done?<br />
name one non-government job that has been created. the bailout simply did not work and we all know it. all these plans simply do not work . and maybe the republicans are not right either but something must be done. and soon. all i know is the more we let the government control us the less freedom we will have.

Here's a lil news flash for you folk. The hole was deep enough already when this president took office. A surplus had been turned into a record (at that time) deficit. The debt service is staggerin today.<br />
<br />
What happened in the time between the budget surplus an the record deficit? I don' think it was a result of the general public decidin it was more fun to be on welfare than work. If that makes me 'Socialist' ... so be it.<br />
<br />
I don' see the GOP pushin a platform of reinstitutin tax breaks for the rich ... privatizin Social Security ... or eliminatin Mediacre ... an winnin any elections. What else they got?<br />
<br />
We already saw their cajones when they were 'called out' on unemployment benefits. They will have to stand up for the banks next. The war machine. The oil industry. The public is slowly comin round to the truth. None of this has helped the nation.<br />
<br />
They simply got nothin.

The problem is that the right wing can not think beyond labels and slogans...."socialist" my eye! Social Security, Mediocare, Child Labor Laws, Safe Work Conditions, the five day work week, The Clean Water Act, etc etc etc I could go on for hours....all these initiatives were "socialist"? NO! Sorry. NO!<br />
<br />
And increasing the tax on the top 2% to pre bush levels is NOT Socialist either!

the problem is quite simple. we somehow elected a socialist. one who will use the bad economy, the war or the oil spill to get what he wants. he ids digging us in a hole so deep it will take years to get out of it.

Right, Vendetta. Republican's might want to think twice about their disregard for the insignificant trees in that forest. "Let them eat cake!" sent the rabble to the barricades!<br />
<br />
Check it out. Reagon's Budget Director read the Republican party the riot act the other day. Told them in an OpEd in the New York Times that they were all a bunch of short sighted fools! Its delicious!<br />
<br />
Oh, I hope this link works, you definitely want to read this!

Ya, smilingfaces is right. First responders don't matter that much, they are just small potatoes, the 'trees', if you will. Other small potatoes include the millions of uninsured and underinsured Americans who live in fear of their next sickness. Why pass a healthcare bill for them? Other insignificant people that should continue to be ignored are the lazy people who depend on unemployment benefits to put food on the table. They should shut up and get a job, why extend unemployment benefits for those lazy bums? <br />
<br />
The big picture, the thing that really matters to Republicans are the tax cuts for the richest of the rich. The Bush and Reagan tax cuts which have helped destroy the economy.... those tax cuts must continue NO MATTER WHAT. Democrats keep worrying about small potatoes like first responders and teachers and the unemployed. Republicans do everything in their power to coddle the top 1%, and they do it by duping people like smilingfaces. They run around protecting the people who are disgustingly rich, and then act like they are fighting for the small businesses. What a joke. Another example of them duping stupid republicans is how they re-branded the estate tax into the "Death Tax". <br />
<br />

What does that even mean? That could mean anything. Double speak lives.

Head out of the sand please and look at the whole picture not just the trees that you want to see.

"Positive"?!!!!!! "Amen"?!!!!! First responders are confined to their homes, on oxygen, many are dying, many have died from working on that pile of death for days and weeks. This is not game play to score points. Can't we agree on anything?!!!!!! Is NOTHING worthwhile to do together anymore?

Amen, CuriousSgt! Amen!

Ocean, someday, maybe, when we can all see beyond this bitter cloud of partisan rancor, you will be able to sit down and read about 2008, a time when the entire globe was hit with a financial industry meteor of epic proportion, a whallop that sent every single goverment into a downward tail spin....hopefully, you will be sitting in a nice comfy chair while you read, one manufactured by an American business, bought with the well cushioned bounty of your retirement account. Vote for the Democrats, If the Wall St.fat cats have turned against them, (*and they have, all their contributions are to Republicans!), you know that the Democrats are on the side of the angels and will stand with you and for you!

oh yes obama is doing a great job! look at all the jobs he has created , and the way he took charge and focused on the oil spill so quickly. and the way he did not cut funding to nyc security. oh ..thats right .

They won't stand on their record. They'll stand on their ideology and treat it like the word of God sent down on high. Some independents and blue dog dems are susceptible to that level of BS. Our job is to bring it down to brass tacks and show what their obstruction has cost! If we do that, maybe we can hold Congress and the next two years can be saved.

Well they still got Newt at least ... he thinks we oughta start a couple more wars ... an attack the rest of GW's Axis of Evil.<br />
<br />
What else have they got Annie? They had their run ... turned a surplus into a defecit - all the while carpin bout spendin ... an managed to start not one, but two wars. THAT"S their record. <br />
<br />
WHen this is the case, it's hard to stand on your record.

Those deadbeats have lost all their individual identities. They are one big obstructionist wall.

Wowza! Wake up those deadbeats, Anthony!!

Courage of conviction, something sadly lacking on the other side.