Need To Be More Fair Towards Mitt And Ann Romney

As a progressive I would not normally said this but I feel for the Romneys. Can we blame him for wanting to use his wife as an campaign ambassador for the concerns of the average American woman? Aren't we being judgmental elitists? Mitt simply does not speak woman! He needs Ann to translate for him. American women, especially stay at home moms, should be thankful that Ann Romney can speak to their concerns. Like every working American mom, Ann knows the struggles of raising kids. Not only did she raise 5 kids but like every middle class stay at home mom, she also had plenty of domestic work to contend with. Can you imagine how much work it takes to mop and dust 10,000 square foot mansions? Now imagine having 5 of those PLUS having car garages to mop. Every American woman knows what that is like. No matter what the liberal media says the Romneys are just like the rest of us.
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Oh yes, Poor Ann.......If you ever had watched "Keeping up Appearances" she reminds me of Hyacith Bucket but on steroids. "People of our Social Class........"<br />
"This neighborhood is like the war......" Mitt is Not like Richard though, Mitts character does not appear. But to Mitt and Ann the rest of us appear to be like Onslo and Daisy--tolerated and "Loved" but not in the same social league. Daisy and Onslo may be bone idle but they have real hearts and are genuine. I think many people here are the same--real and genuine and many if given the chance would like to work (again). It wasn't us who put the country through the finacial wringer. Oh yes, Mitt and Ann, its still "Bucket" and not spelled as "Bouquet"--don't snow us, we may not be rich but we can see through the likes of you and...Vote.

Just think of how long it must take to polish all those silver spoons those kids go through.<br />

Yeah, poor poor typically hard working Ann. You know, most women are able to casually drop by the grocery store on the way home from work to pick up the grocieries that correspond to the coupons that she clipped out of the newspaper delivered at dawn an hour after she got out of bed to pick up the house and fold the laundry because junior insists on wearing his lucky shirt to present the project that she helped him prepare before she realized that she was out of milk but too tired to drag herself to the supermarket. Poor Ann can't leave the house unless somebody jockeys the cars around in the underground garage to insert HER Cadillac, not Mitt's, in the elevator.<br />
<br />
Whatever she is, she's not the 99 percent.

She's probably mending Mitt's socks right now. Just like working moms everywhere trying to stretch the family budget, Ann needs to make the hundredths of million on their trust fund last.

And the horses! The stabling fees must be through the roof, maybe she takes in laundry. : )

How is it that the Kennedy's never contended with the same kind of crap?

Maybe because, though wealthy, a) Kennedy women don't try to represent themselves as everywoman's spokesperson, and, b) Most of them, in addition to child rearing, have taken up professions or interests outside of the home.

The Kennedy's championed the cause of the poor and middle class. Mitt champions corporate interests and tax breaks for millionaires at the expense of education, healthcare and environmental protection - you know, stuff little people care about.

And then there was Tipper Gore and Teresa Hines Kerry. Two fine down to Earth Ladies how speak for the average American Woman. Democrats need to listen to Mr. Obama about going after wives and kids of candidates (not a smart strategy).

..and when did he do this? On yours and Fox New imagination I suppose.

Actually, it was from the White House last week. I caught it on that right wing CNN network.

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The poor things.

Makes your heart bleed.

So true.