Mitt Romney Recieves Another Endorsement

Mitt Romney received the endorsement of the Society for the Advancement Americans Humanoids (SAAH), or ‘non-organic humans’ as they prefer to be called. Mr. Data of Starship Enterprise fame and now the President of SAAH said in a press release "we feel a special kinship with Mr. Romney and his inability to fully portray human emotions or to empathize with fellow organic humans". Mr. Data added that "despite these challenges, Mr. Romney has received the support of millions of Americans" and that "maybe the inability of American conservatives to empathize with human suffering will make the emotional limitations of androids more acceptable". On a follow up call, Mr. Data did however concede that fellow non-organic human members especially value the capacity for logic and reason and that many are uncomfortable with the GOP's ability for logic which they described in their technological terms as having a “ a level of sophistication comparable to that of a rock implement”.

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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Ha!<br />
Eve, I don't think an Etch-a-Sketch works on the moon. There is that darned gravity issue.

Loved this! Let's send Romney and the SAAH to the moon to start a colony, though that might be too close.