Searching... And Finding!

I was searching for a more recent Obama group a bit ago and got slammed for being an Obama supporter and waiting for others to do my work for me like all Obama supportes so I am VERY happy to find all y'all in this group! Sometimes Im very Blue in a Red state :-)

I dont know how my searches didnt find this group before now, but Yeah!!

(wow! that was short and sweet for me....)
PeaceJourney PeaceJourney
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Thanks! I did read quite a few of the posts and was glad even though they were a couple of years old. Looking forward tho the discussions~

Welcome. Things have been a bit slow in this group...I'm hoping it will pick up again as the election draws should have been here in '08! This place was hopping with activity. : )