Obama Shown To Be Spending Less Than Previous Administrations, To The Right's Dismay

For those interested in some facts about Obama's supposed "out of control spending", check out the new analysis by Rex Nutting at:


The GOP and the Right just keep repeating the "he's a deficit spending socialist" mantra, despite evidence to the contrary--but, we all know that the Right has rarely needed actual evidence for much of what they do, the simply say it long enough that people believe it.

In response to this analysis, the Right's main response has been that "The bailout ballooned the 2009 budget just before Obama took office." But, why shouldn't this go on Bush's tally? The Right is very willing to tally-up things like job-loss very strictly (i.e., "this happened on Obama's watch") when it's in their favor, but now their trying to say that Obama should be responsible for funding the bailout of the collapse that happened when Bush was presiding over the country! That's rich!
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he republicans think that when the facts are ot and they don' agree with there Idiology, democrats are confusing issues with facts.<br />
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Clinton said that a wise man will change is views when new facts come in and nt think about his pride and the fear that hemay have been wrong, republicans say never admit your wrong.

I like how Maher puts it...the right wing lives in a bubble fashioned totally out of their ideological mindset. Reality can not puncture it... Now, I hear myself say these things and wonder....how can this be that I attribute such blanket characteristcs to an entire group of people? Because its true! Damn it.