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Here's my deal:

I didn't vote for him or McCain. 

But here's the thing... He's my President, the leader of my country. I have to support him. I can't not support him and say I support the U.S. as well. And, for the record, I don't mean support in that I will blindly agree with everything he says and automatically start liking him. I made my predictions for the next couple of years. 

What I mean is, I'm not going to complain incessantly about him (like people did with Bush), constantly spew my views in a hateful manner (like people did with Bush), say how much I hate America and hate the president (like people did with Bush), leave the U.S. because I don't like it or the president (like people SHOULD have done with Bush).

I'm sure this makes NO sense whatsoever. But I don't care.

That's what I think.

Yay for the U.S. where, even if we don't like the current president, we have the option to have a different one in four years!

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The President is just a person. We should all be supporting our ideals as opposed to a person. <br />
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Being President, technically, shouldn't mean anything.<br />
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Because we should be supporting specific goals (whatever they may be) and not the office.<br />
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It's perfectly okay to not like or agree with the President.<br />
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I think a major criticism of Bush was that (toward the end) it became a Cult of Personality. Everyone so worshiped the Office of The President that no one even cared that nothing he was doing was in alignment with their personal goals and philosophy. They "respected" the fact that he was President so much that they didn't keep his feet to the fire in terms of realizing their goals such as fiscal responsibility, smaller government, etc. Being too respectful of an office or a title can be counter-productive.<br />
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I think we can (and probably should) separate the Presidency from the general concept of loving America.


I agree with what you are saying. I have my own "predictions" as well for the future...but things must happen as they are meant to, even if it's not what we feel is right.<br />
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I'm above all a very patriotic person. Though I won't ever agree with many of Obama's positions, I too need to realize that I still must respect his position for the sake of our country. May God continue to bless America.

Nader. How did you miss it? Class/work?

Did you vote for Nader? I was going to vote for him, but I missed the election. Or did you vote for another independent?

Nope, you made sense too. :)

got it .. you know, it can be disappointing when you spend 2 yrs listening and watching and listening and watching and then you guy loses. lots of people, here and everywhere, don't have the same attitude as you, so it's cool. <br />
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I voted Dem in 00 and lost but I got behind Bush until we realized he was lying among other things. had to vote for him in 04 as I felt he needed to get us out of these messes. <br />
<br />
anyway, you made sense - I probably did not. :D

No, I voted independent.

wait ... did you say you didn't vote?

It so makes sense. lol