And This Guy

I think this guy would be a great addition to Obama's whitehouse staff. I'll let the clip speak for itself. Brief explanation: These are clips of Peter Schiff in 2006 talking about the future for America's economy. 

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2 Responses Nov 14, 2008

Well I think the government and the banking industry is partly responsible. The government for failing to place regulations on the bank and operating under the delusion that unfettered capitalism is always best. But also the American people hold a big part of the blame. We have let consumerism go to far. People need to live realistic lives. Should you have to be told that if you only make X amount of money then you should not be buying a million dollar home? It goes beyond the housing crisis. America has become and buy now pay later country and it was bound to catch up with us. Peter Schiff made an important point and that over last 10 or more years one of the fast growing markets has been credit companies and debt counseling services. We produce less as a country but spend more. Basically as country we make debt. How long does it take for that to implode or is it happening now?

actions will speak louder then any words - lets just wait and see.