Amazing Speaker!

He is such a wonderful and powerful speaker. Just from his words he can motivate Americans to focus on a better place/situation. He can bridge the ever widening chasm that Bush made between the US and other nations. And he can raise the morale of the world for what America stands for.

I am overjoyed that Obama is in power. Love Peace Protection and Strength to him and his people/cabinet

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3 Responses Jan 20, 2009

Notice in the comments above that people still harp on George Bush (it's all his fault - he destroyed everything) President Obama comes telling us to cooperate, to sacrifice, to work together - yet, the day after his inauguration there are those who refuse to heed his plea. People will, for all President Obama's term harp on things instead of helping to build this country into a better place. Our president quoted from the Bible in his inauguration speech that "now is the time to put away childish things." Some of us will never be able to do that. Some of us will continuously harp on "why everything is so screwed up," and never say, "what can I do to help." I ask all of you: "WHAT will you do to help. WHAT are you willing to sacrifice?" If all you can do is point fingers you really do not understand where our forty fourth president is coming from. I find in my old age that those who point fingers and accuse/ vilify others for their misfortune are the ones who sit and do nothing. God Bless America and our newly elected president, Barach Obama

i have a lot of hope in him too. finally a real person, finally a real representation of us. finally someone who really cares.

I have no doubt he is going to work hard to rebuild all the bridges between so many nations that G W Bush destroyed.