One of Many Things That He Should Fix

Wonder when our country will pull its head out of the dirt and see that abstinence-only programs are proven failures that don't deserve federal funding, while comprehensive programs never get funding.

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Ya, I got the feeling that her remarks weren't sanctioned by her mom or the RNC lol. I could just imagine what the reaction would have been to that interview if it had occurred during the campaign.

I thought it was funny that Sarah Palin's daughter recently had an interview in which she said abstinence only education does not work. She would know.

I took action and agree 100%<br />
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Wednesdays are good for me too, but I want the top this time! We have to break the tradition sometime! let it begin with me! :-O<br />
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How about the church groups teaching the kids "true love waits!" Wow, that's a good one!

yeah for obama

k, I pick #1 <br />
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take a number whuttup

Wednesdays are good for me, sign me up.

I think they know that they don't work, they just don't care. There is an obsession with controling the sex lives of others, mostly because they think that their God doesn't want anyone screwing unless it is one man and one woman and they are within the holy bonds of marriage. I'm sure if it could be mandated that only married couples could have sex, and it was to take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 pm, in the missionary position and to last no longer than 10 minutes, it would be a law.

Ha,ha,ha... you are soooo gay! Abstinence only MUST work... it is ideologically correct!