I Was a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

I have been a political activist/junkie for a very long time. I work hard with the Democratic Party to help advance the principals and platform of my chosen party which is the one I identify the most.

I was a pledged Obama Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  It was one of the best experiences of my life!

I had to run to be a delegate in my Congressional District (CD).  I was encouraged by my friends and declared I was running. We are chosen by caucus.  I attended the caucus, made my speech and was elected to be a delegate!  I was so humbled, honored and thrilled that I was chosen to be a representative from my CD.

My husband made all of the arrangements, we even took a side trip to Las Vegas on our way to Denver!  That was so much fun too. Then we flew to Denver. As I got on the plane in Vegas, I had an Obama T-shirt on. The pilot was standing outside the cockpit as we were boarding the plane. He asked me if I was a going to Denver as a delegate. I told him I most certainly was (in my best voice because I was hung over as hell!)  He slapped me on the back and said "Great Job." I was beaming and my headache lifted a bit! As we got up in the air, went through the safety briefing, the pilor came on and said, "I'm Captain Ben and we're flying to Denver. The weather is sunny and fantastic in Denver, a balmy 91 degrees and I'm honored to be delivering a VIP who is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention."  Many people cheered! Wow! I love Frontier Airlines! 

We got to Denver safely and as we walked through the airport, there were so many delegates arriving from all over the country. There were hundreds of DNC volunteeers all holding signs welcoming us to Denver and helping us get our luggage, get to the shuttles that would take us to our hotels (Our hotels were chosen by our state delegations. Each state stayed together at the same hotel. We stayed at the Doubletree in Stapleton with Alabama and South Dakota. We finally made it to our hotel and there were many volunteers to welcome us there too! we received "care packages" with all sorts of items like a bottle to carry water, lip balm, lotion, all sorts of things and the warning to drink lots of water because the altitude would cause dehydration.  I was already huffing and puffing from the thinness of the air and my asthma!

Each morning our state delegation had a breakfast sponsored by some business in one of the ballrooms of the hotel. There we talked about what was in store for the day, to hear a guest speaker and to get issued our floor credentials. They each were great! When we had a really great speaker, they opened the partition and we shared them with the Alabama Delegation.John Lewis spoke to us one morning (but we see him a lot because he is a Rep from our state. That was a treat for the Alabama folks. One morning we had Jimmy Carter speak with the Alabama delegation too. We have the privilege to see him a few times a year too.  the first day we got on the shuttle to the Pepsi Center, I was positively euphoric!  Kevin, my fellow delegate and someone who I work closely with in the party get through all of the security, found our delegation on the floor and got a seat. It was 3pm and the convention was gaveled in but it wasn't televised until 5pm so things were kind of slow! We were just sitting there taking in the atmosphere, the energy and seeing who we could see.  I saw and had the opportuniry to meet many people, James Carville and Paul Begala, Terry McAuliffe, Leon Panetta, Robert Reich (He was much, much shorter than I thought!). There were many more I can't think of right now. I want to say right now that Hillary's speech and her performance during the Roll Call was some of the best drama I ever witnessed.  Barbara Boxer was about 4 people away from me when California passed giving their count. Anyway for any of you that watched that, it was over the top! There were so many great speeches, it would take me forever to describe them all. Two others that stand out are Governor Sweitzers speech and Joe Biden's son when he introduced his dad and the video montage. I cried my eyes out, it was so emotional! Each night after the convention is PARTY TIME.  the first night we went to a party hosted by Howard Dean. It was crowded as hell so Kevin and I left and found a restaurant that served some Mexican food and drinks!  We finally got seated at an outside table near the railing and we got to watch everyone walking down the street. We sat there enjoying a couple of drinks, talking about the day when this young man cameby and started talking to us. We had a discussion and he was saying he was glad he wasn't on some bus passing by because it was full of arrested protesters. We had some more discussion about issues we didn't agree on.  Kev said it was time to go.  He still says today, "Jo, you're the only one I know who would argue with an anarchist!"  Haha, It was fun though!  The next night we went to an Irish Pub for the Irish Democrats After Party.  Everyone who entered had to five their Irish last name.  I don't have one of those so I told them my mother's maiden name was Murphy.  the lady seemed placated by that and I was IN! It was great! Food was everywhere, drink was free flowing and there was a real Irish band singing Irish folk music. they were fantastic.  Now, Kev is Irish and Kev likes to drink so, we started drinking, me my standard beers and Kev jumped into the Irish Whiskey!  Whew! He was flying high and I had to get him poured into a taxi and back to the hotel!  That was fun!  the next night AT&T hosted a delegation party for our state. It was on the top of a hotel whose name escapes me. It was one of the tallest buildings in Denver and the room was 360 degrees of windows. The night view was spectacular! Again, the food spread was fantastic and the drink flowed freely.  This was the first event (besides breakfast) I got to share with my husband.  He was such a great sport, planned his days of museums and sights and went out with some of the other spouses for their fun while we had ours. Did I tell you my husband is wonderful? Anyway, we had a great time on AT&T's dime and enjoyed the view immensely. We took pictures of our CD delegation all together. It was great.  The next day was going to be the Acceptance Speech at Invesco Field!  Whoo Hoo!   The next morning at breakfast, we learned we would get 1 guest pass to the stadium.  Wow, my husband was getting to go!  How AWESOME! The only hitch, we'd have to travel there separately. the guests had to get there by themselves and we had to go on the delegate shuttle.  We got there and we saw the line outside to get in the stadium for ticket holders was L-O-N-G!  Some say if you straightened out the line, it would have been several miles long!  It took my hubby and his group over 3 hours to get in through that line. They had to go through protesters, and who knows what else.  They made it though, about the time Cheryl Crow was performing. the place was filling up fast.  I saw so many neat people! We were on the floor of the stadium and when my husband called, he told me he was almost at the top of the stadium.  It was awesome, how many people were there! I mean, it was unbelievable! We sat through speeches, and then Biden got up to speak. **** Durbin got up to introduce his fellow Senator and they showed this most fabulous video montage and then Barack Obama came out!  Pandemonium broke out. People we screaming and crying! It was a sight to behold!

His speech was fantastic to say the least. I cried throughout, especially at the end. The star and bar, red, white and blue confetti started falling and the fireworks went off and I can't even describe the place at that moment! there was barely a dry I as far as I could see! We met up with hubby and their group outside the stadium.  Things were so poorly planned at that point, it took us over 2 hours to get out of that place.  When we got out and back in town, the streets were full of people partying everywhere! We had a great time and partied until I don't know what time but it was late by time we got a taxi back to the hotel.  The next day, we flew back home and the rest is history.

Some day I will post a couple of stories of a few of the delegate forums I attended in the day. they were interesting too.

I will post some pictures and hopefully the video hubby got from the stadium when I get a chance.

I am so honored and thrilled I have this opportunity to share this story with my new EP friends. Thanks for taking the time to read my wonderful experience!




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No...thank you. For your dedication to getting our man in.

Thank you Lilt! You are so kind to say that. You're cool too!

You are too cool, Jojo.