What Can We Do to Help Obamas' Administration?

He has been elected.  He has started out very quickly to help our many problem areas. 

 I want to want to know what is needed now to continue my support. What types of things should I and others be doing to support & actually assist our new President???  I already pray and recycle ... but what else could I and other be doing???

All positive suggestions are welcome.

Peace Hugs and Love!

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yall call uhaul pack his stuff help out white house put all front!! devil!!!!
hel lose his turn be ourt work he needs to lose his job!! he try make himself look good! ya right! =joke!
need change not go back worlds!! forwords!! must !

I think he has done a great job. He found Bin Laden and did what Ceorge could not do. He would have done great dtrides of good if prejudice & hate were not so rampant in this country. Your Tea Party has done more to help the rich keep raping this country & leave it. Have you seen how they are leaving???<br />
Keep on the your negative remarks and thoughts. You are cutting your own necks with that type of stupidity. Obama did not put this country in this state.<br />
But like always... Black people always have to clean up the ruling class mistakes, blunders, and out & out , just plain stealing.<br />
OBAMA gets my vote before I would vote for a Bernie (Madeoff with the money) republican. Keep it moving, dear!

I'm sure in your heart you mean well, but he's been the worst man to hold the office in my lifetime. I thought Carter had a lock on that title but BHO has blown him away. Ironically, Carter was by far the most moral of any but he was way over his head. If we still had the same kind of investigative jounalism that took down Nixon, not only would BHO be impeached, he'd probably be hung for treason.

Now that he has been in office for 3 years, what do you think now?

Livingwell, check out moveon.org. Join the DSCC and the DCCC (just add a .org after each of them) they will ask you to support their agenda to help President Obama help our country. don't listen to the detractors here. Get on a few progressive mailing lists and you can see what is going on and what they need help doing like contacting your Senators and Congressmen (and women) to help enact some important legislation. Consider joining your local democratic party, get active and help elect more democrats to the house and senate so we have a better majority to help the president pass the legislation we need to get our country back on track. If you need more suggestions, please message me. I'm already going to be blasted for being a democratic party "hack" but at least I really care about my country and don't have to prove it by putting some yellow ribbon or W sticker on my car! I'm proud of what I do. Actions speak louder than words and bumper stickers! All the best.<br />

Thanks, flourlady111. That is all I want are good suggestions. Something you or someone else actually have though in depth about. And really think it might work.<br />
I know the constitution like the back of my hand - but it did not give me ideas I could actually use. But what ever you guys come up with - if it is positive - will put to good use!<br />
Peace Light and Love Always!

livingwell i think you are one of the most positive people i know. our president has a task in front of him that is way more than one man can do . i will have to think on this one . he is not a miracle worker and god is in charge for that! good to you for being optimistic enough to write this story-hugs and peace to you always!

I have studied the Constitution and understand what it says. Too bad the last administration crumpled it up and threw it out of Air Force One.

Yes, and remember to support Presidents who will actually uphold the constitution instead of trample it, like our previous President did.

read and study your consitution. All the answers you need for what needs to be done for the country are in there.

Whatup12, thank you very much for the information. I really needed that type of info. <br />
JojoWazoo I agree with you and DK. Ron Paul is usually right.<br />
I am glad though that Whatup12 read this and directed me to some positive outcomes. Thank you.<br />
<br />
Peace Light and Love to You.

Look into joining an organization. Obama has issued a call to service, not just military but all types of volunteer work. Americorps is an organization the does lots of community rebuilding work. <br />
<br />
In addition to looking for ways to donate your time and energy, the best thing you can do is to stay informed and engaged in the discussions of current events. The right wing has been trying their hardest since the Reagan revolution to develop and foster apathy towards government. There is lots of waste and corruption in government, but the answer isn't to hate government, it is to make it better.

Ron Paul has some great things to say. If they would listen to him instead of treating him like he's wearing a tinfoil hat, just like Dennis Kucinich, things would be much, much better.

To you both, I think I said POSITIVE suggestions. I did not ask for more negativity or repressed lossed election issues.<br />
<br />
I have learned in this world to work with what I have been given. This world is precious to me and I would save all it today if I could find a way. This world is not just some dream gone wrong! It is a gift given over to people with messed up ideas whose fingers have to be carefully removed from the world one by one. And, Obama is starting the much needed process.<br />
<br />
I'm looking for POSITIVE suggestions. POSITIVE beats on this new move. If you cannot see that the ground has shifted underneath you then what you offer is not something I want to engage in this discusssion. I made this positive suggestion request very specific to this story.<br />
<br />
Thank you for your views but they are counter productive, therefore useless to me.<br />
<br />
Peace Light and Love to You Both!

Whilst I acknowledge your prerogative to accept Barack<br />
Obama as President,I would be remiss if I did not explain that he is a politician whose only allegiance is to a political party,which in turn owes its allegiance to a cabal of financial psychopaths who control every aspect<br />
of the processes that result in electing a president.Are<br />
you aware that this person will inevitably abuse his authority,as did his predecessors,to the detrement of<br />
America as a nation?<br />
I am not a person who listens to idle gossip,but there <br />
have been statements by people with a thorough understanding of the Constitution,that Barack Obama,and John McCain,were not eligble to be candidates for the Presidency.I reiterate,I am not one for listening to idle gossip,but if the allegations are true,then Barack Obama never was,is not now,or could ever be the President of the United States of America,<br />
Which would mean any documents he has signed must<br />
be deemed to be void.As an aside Barack Obama was<br />
challenged to provide proof of his eligibility to a candidate for the Presidency,in the relevant Court of Law,but he refused.Moreover,what he posted as evidence on the Internet was questioned.Finally,any nation that appoints one person as its leader,who can<br />
abuse their authority as leader, with little possibility of being prosecuted,and guarded 24 hours,seven days a week,must be deemed to be insane. <br />
<br />
<br />
for the Preside